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Songs for a new era?


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I am actually a bit appeased by the happenings yesterday and at least the board stood up and stopped the rot.

Morgan Is likely to still go at some point but nothing else they can do. I haven't forgave them for the mess we are in but at least they have made a stand at last and communicated with the world.


Therefore to lighten the mood and Seeing as most of our player songs have gone with the exodus it is likely to be quiet at the first game so surely we need to think up a few new songs, here are a few suggestions from me....this is just for a laugh not a dig at the club but thought a couple of gallows humour songs might be a laugh.


"Who the ****ing hell are you?"- we can sing that to any one of our new squad?


"11 men went to mow, went to mow a meadow.

But then les read, he sold them all

Fecking dopey bar steward"


"We've come from league one. We've come from league one We are southampton we're back off to league one.'


"Have you come to buy our team?"


"He plays on the left

He plays on the right

He's also for sale

If the price is right"



I am sure you can do much better?

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At Liverpool: (to pre-empt the inevitable "You'll never win again" that their famously witty fans will sing)


"We'll Never Win Again"




"Oh when the sale goes on and on

Oh when the sale goes on and on

Buy two and we'll give you a discount

Oh when the sale goes on and on"

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