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  1. No one else thinks so...the 8 games were against 5 of the top 6, Newcastle Brighton and West Ham. So 5 we were just happened to be there as the other team was being shown.
  2. Saint-Fred

    Danny Rose

    IMO rose is absolutely correct The trend of managers saying they would support players walking off is a disgrace. This just piles the pressure on black players to deal with the issue. The authorities, the managers and the refs need to act well before a player gets to that point.
  3. 83-84 was my favourite season ever but i didn't think we would win the league. I think it was a good finish that lifted us at the end. However the other cutting from 81-82 with Keegan was when I thought we would win it. Top for a couple of months and still top as late as March I think. We fell away when Keegan was struggling with injury but he was still division 1 top scorer I think Brilliant times, the football was stunning. Great post OP some fantastic memories
  4. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/news-and-comment/tottenham-hotspur-yids-antisemitism-army-jewish-fans-song-chant-racism-latest-news-a8715561.html There is a lot of evidence of the Jewish communities leaders who want it stopped but I suppose, quite rightly according to many on this thread, it's not up to them.
  5. I didn't make anything up, check facts before posting drivel. I also never said they were to blame..I said its their fault that a minority of idiots still do this. Arsenal have as many if not more Jews as fans but they don't get this abuse..why? Because they don't chant like the Spurs fans do. I know your not keen on checking facts but the reason Spurs started this chant many decades ago is well documented and I support that they did that. However times have changed the atmosphere at grounds is very very different and anti Semitic chants have been all but eradicated, to such an extent that 3 people chanting it is big news. Spurs fans should recognise this and drop the chant, not because of any connotations with the word but that religion has no place in football. It should be an event for any race, colour, religion to attend and only be "abused" because they support a different team not for any physical or different beliefs they hold. IMO spurs fans only sing it to be antagonistic I bet most could not tell you the reason why they do.
  6. I find this offensive. You are labelling me and somehow you are above "the man on the street" what are you a Lord? Educated to a higher standard? Richer? What makes you so special that you are above the "man on the street"?
  7. Lol I never said that but as you raise it, it is their fault. 95% plus of spurs fans aren't Jewish yet ( only at football) they label themselves as such and therefore open up the possibility of other fans chanting anti Semitic songs. If they hadn't falsely labelled themselves why would anyone bother? Still doesn't make the chanting right but it is their fault.
  8. And yet the vast majority of them chanting it are not of that religion and Jewish community leaders have asked it be stopped....however they just ignore them and pretend to understand the connotations of the word Spurs fans are as much at fault as anyone who shout abuse at them I don't condone what happens from other fans but the Spurs fans have to take responisbility too
  9. Surely the Chapel is the "home" end? The team warm up down that end and come out and go down that end just before kick off. It makes sense that if we won the toss we would stay at that end and attack the "home" end during the second half.
  10. I wish she had. She has dismantled what we had. This isn't about her investing, it's about the club competing. If all other clubs can invest in their team why couldn't we? Championship sides with less income have invested more than us net over that time. In fact I bet there are some league one sides that have. We had all the riches of the premier league and spent none of it and yet i am supposed to be grateful? The Newcastle fans aren't grateful and they have spent more than us.
  11. I am glad the Fat Cow is now getting the recognition she deserves. I just hope that she starts to get an appropriate reception at the games now. It's funny watching the the polite reception she gets when she has been looking at you mugs as a cash point machine for the last few years.
  12. Crikey I thought the consensus was that the stepping stone club experiment had failed? We have just struggled to find a manager and have had three nightmares in a row so where is the next up and coming manager magically appearing from? This thread is just a consequence of the stepping stone policy where fans now think we have no value as a club and can't offer any long term ambition for any manager or player. I hope Ralph might buck the trend, get a reasonable team together over a few years and, when he does move on, leave a sound footing for the next manager to build on.
  13. 8th actually. A bit of symmetry if he is. Ralph certainly a better boss than we have had for a while. Obviously knows what he wants and ships out who doesn't fit quickly. This was, on paper, the hardest game of this little run so fingers crossed we might get a bit of distance on the bottom three over the next month or so.
  14. What have they spent £250m in three seasons? £100m this close season? Bought a CB who was on Man City's radar the season before and another who is linked with Man Utd consistently? TBF if it's not incredible, it's definately one of, if not the, best outside the top 6.
  15. Interesting phone in on talksport. Multiple fans phoning up saying how boring his football was, sideways this sideways that, one long term home and away season ticket holder saying he was totally bored with the football they play. The host and co host were just defending him saying "would you rather be in the championship playing good football?" Absolute duplication of his time with us.
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