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  1. Fantastic team effort, well done Saints. We rode our luck but defensively were awesome closing the space down and blocking everything goal bound.
  2. I have renewed our two season tickets today, but have had to advise the ticket office we have only received a discount carried from this season on one 20-21 ticket.
  3. Well done Ralph, we have come back very sharp and didn't need to bring on subs until the 80th minute.
  4. Ricardo Fuller was the ultimate barn doors and banjoes merchant, but nothing infuriated me more than the casual way McGoldrick used to confidently stroke penalties wide of the goal.
  5. Fraser Forster back to his human wind sock best .
  6. No forward will out wave or point the awesome Graziano - the best of on field traffic policeman we've ever had - manoeuvring his team mates to where he thinks they should be.
  7. If you're in the away end take a telescope for when the football is beyond the half way line. Awful ground to watch football.
  8. It's as though she had been handed the book of awful generic football commentator quotes from Motson to Pearce, just fill in the name of the player.
  9. So did nobody in the Puel set up notice his being better than our centre backs; he never showed it in training; or he was on a massive play and pay deal ?
  10. I never understood Caceres time at our club. We signed a good international player as a free agent and never played him. It's as if he came here for a paid holiday.
  11. Watching Saints away, probably like any away support, is putting on a united front on and off the pitch and giving maximum backing to the team from the terraces. As away support we do not give away our day and travel without this commitment to support our club, city etc. Excluding the support in the Northam and Kingsland North, at home we are in amongst much less partisan support. This is no criticism of those regulars, but the support is diluted by local uni students, occasional visiting neutrals, and 'tourists' all being in the home areas with no real interest in the result but often moaning if the game isn't played as they expect and slagging off the relevant Redmond, Austin, Cedric etc . I sit opposite the tunnel in seats we have had since the club moved from the Dell. The most critical 'supporters' around us are those I have never seen before.
  12. Apologies - amended post as cannot delete (?)
  13. Torino 1-3 Sampdoria today with Gaston scoring twice and Yoshi again not getting off the bench.
  14. Not sure I get your comment here - it's not a possibility for the future - it's in place and therefore the precedent is set
  15. In true Saintsweb fashion the thread has gone away from my OP and an interest in the reaction to the standing in the lower tier; and why our club seem to stall on what I see as an improvement for the Northam / Itchen North (?) at St Marys
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