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  1. From his performances for the Saints I don't think he has enough pace, or speed of mind, to play in the Premier League.
  2. I think the success of Ralph's system, a bit like what Poch put in place, is the players buying into the system and being very fit for the training and high press in matches. The player needs to have a suitable mental approach and appreciate the need to work hard when working off the ball to regain possession. I do not think that suits a top 6 team with prima donnas in the eleven that know better and a scouting system that has a limitless budget. Many very good coaches have found this to their cost , like Koeman (Everton), LVG or Moyes Manchester United), all having to buy big names to i
  3. Great performance . Comfortable against a team that we were told beforehand were the real deal. ( credit where it's due, they did invent the dug out )
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