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Ecclestone buys his way out of bribery conviction. Odd.


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Bernie Ecclestone was on trial in Germany for paying a £30m bribe to a German banker in order to stay in control of Formula 1. He faced years in prison but instead the German court has let him buy his way out of conviction with a £60m payment - practically peanuts for a billionaire. Seems odd / totally perverse to me.



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"One law for the rich, another for the poor" !

Seems in Germany that this is official and legal !

Poor show IMHO


Its always been the case that rich have a massive edge in trials but never as blantant as this. Ecclestone is worth about £2.5bn so the fine is about 2.5% of his wealth. That would be like an average guy in getting off a, say, three year jail sentence for a payment of £5,000 max.

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