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Victorian man builds supercar in his backyard

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From his shed in the Macedon Ranges, Jeff David and a team of enthusiasts have developed a super car

so advanced it can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h ( 60 m.p.h. ) in a jaw-dropping 2.6 seconds.


"I have always been very capable of solving problems and pushing technology boundaries in my careers,"

he said. "I guess it was inevitable that I would try designing a car." He said the car's maximum speed was

around 320km/h.( 200 m.p.h. )


"It's like no other car I have driven. It's impossible to describe."


For pictures:-


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Talking of supercars, did anyone else make it to the (rather wonderful) Wilton House Classic & Supercar show near Salisbury last weekend?


I did and what great fun it was to get close to so many utterly fantastic cars that you otherwise so seldom see. Ferraris and McLarens by the dozen (including a stunning 'Enzo') no less than four Bugatti Veyrons, three Jaguar XJ220's, a single Porsche 918 Spyder - you name it and it was probably there. Best of all at the end of the day these magnificent cars did their final parade around the grounds as they left and - with suitable encouragement - many of their owners would floor the throttle so that we mere plebs might enjoy the sound of a monster motor in action for a few seconds.


For any true motoring enthusiast is there a better sound than a Audi R8's V10 engine being revved to the red line? Needless to say I'll be back there next year and if you really love cars you could do worse than to do likewise.


PS - littleun was more impressed by the computerised dashboard you get on a 'Tesler' electric car that some fool let him play with ... there is no hope for that boy!

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