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  1. Koeman probably saw Watfords performance of how they got stuck in and get a win and thought...hmm I'll do the opposite and sit everyone behind the ball and let Arsenal pass around as much as they want
  2. I'd stick with same team as started last night with Boufal in for Tadic. Keep Long in as I feel we might be defending a bit more in this game and he is always good at stretching the game.
  3. and we also saw why J-Rod was sold on...shocking finishing especially the one v one. We couldn't have him and Long
  4. I'd hazard a guess at Everton would be the team the media expect to be top 7 even with their poor start.
  5. Rather than merging current screens together as a new feature for tactics...can i select a certain position to take every corner or free-kick? Or is still set by a specific player?
  6. Argies in danger of missing the WC too....and people slag off Englands qualifying results...
  7. Yes, it took us from the lower leagues to regular top 10 in the Premier League without bankrupting the club in doing so.
  8. Lorne Malvo

    Theo Walcott?

    TW is a striker...he is wasted on the wing, always had been and its such a shame. Don't want us to buy him and then whack him on the wing as well. As someone said he has the pace but once thats gone he hasn't got that many other attributes that stand out. Maybe Longs replacement...
  9. If only Redmond would do that in a real game :/
  10. Two caps, he was every effective at Blackburn feeding Shearer and Sutton with his direct running and crossing. His hamstrings were done by time he came to us though.
  11. I'm sure players cost more in January as a rule...
  12. Videos make it sound like a war zone at the time, very scary and sad.
  13. Great managerial move keeping him in the team today! GET THE FOOK IN!
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