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  1. This has probably been said but Pellegrino and Hughes were dreadful managers and wouldn't have got a tune out of many talented players. Ralph is obviously different (see already how Redmond and JWP have come on) so if anyone can get his attitude and performances right he's in the right place Having said that clearly its up to the lad himself how much much he wants to work ....
  2. Hope any CB we get doesn't follow the high priced Lemina, Carillo, Hoedt model. Far better to get a decent young UK CB and add him to the mix with Klarer. Someone like Adam Webster or Joe Roden Or try and loan Tomori from Chelsea who was brilliant for Derby last year https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/9567092/chelsea-fikayo-tomori-on-loan-premier-league-derby/
  3. Hes a very decent prospect, would do wonders under Ralph (like JWP has) so shame if were not involved
  4. JoeShmoe

    Che Adams

    Reports saying Brum want closer to £16m but Everton sniffing as well so lets just cough up the extra 2m and get it done We paid 18m for Carillo ffs
  5. We have no strikers and no creativity, really need now to give Obafemi or Johnson or Sims a go as we have no pace out wide, no target man and playing that 3 in the middle isn't working Ralph doesnt get a pass here, anyone can see Long is not going to score you goals and relying on Redmond and JWP to score each week isn't going to work ...
  6. No one going to criticise the manager then? Wrong set up and wrong players ... and wrong not to see it wasn't working and change it
  7. we are over reliant on redmond, they've man marked him out the game and we looked devoid of any creativity credit to palace tho, disciplined and well organised and a threat going forward
  8. How much have Everton spent the last 12 months?
  9. Hoping Obafemi gets back and fit soon as his pace can make a real differnce at end of games .. overall though great team performance
  10. Would rather have seen Gallagher or Barnes than Long but best we can put out hopefully see Gallagher get some game time
  11. He gawn ... as is Gabbi .. good riddance Glad to see Slattery get a game, club has been high on him from an early age
  12. Who's the early favourite ... Pickford or Lingaard?
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