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  1. I moved it, general sports even says on it's description non saints related football...
  2. That's definitely the model we want to get back to
  3. Think we've been stung too many times with the value in Europe...but yes a CB is definitely needed too.
  4. Yep, always looked decent when I watched Derby
  5. In for Harry Wilson apparently, £25m
  6. Luckily for us that guy has never been right about anything Saints related. So desperate to be ITK it's unreal.
  7. Chinese state influence according to this chap... https://offthepitch.com/a/expert-southamptons-record-setting-sponsorship-carries-hallmarks-chinese-state-influence
  8. Oh goody, another window of this
  9. Not really, I'd rather judge him after several games thanks
  10. Wonder if he can convince another rich business man to take us over... Got to get rid of Gao
  11. We had no money to get anyone in Jan. Kat and Gao have ****ed us right over.
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