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On this day, 17 years ago.


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Was it really 17 years ago?!


Must've been the early days of the Internet. I think I can remember seeing that we'd taken some Latvian striker, recommended to us by Gary Johnson (who was Latvia manager coach at the time?) on trial.

Think he played in a reserve or behind closed doors friendly, scored a hat-trick and we signed him straight up.


The rest is history.

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What a great little player he was. A terrific striker and such a shame injuries ended his career. He'd


Although he'd be bang in trouble if he signed for us these days, took a few games to find his feet, I remember him missing an absolute sitter in one of his early games, I think it may have been away at Derby. If he'd have signed today he'd have been labelled the worst player since Stig Johnsen by then and be ironically cheered every time he beat a player.

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