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Yesterday's Heroes

charlie saint

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On the telly yesterday evening, on channel Talking Pictures (freeview 81) this film from 1979, starring Ian McShane as a washed up alcoholic footballer, coached by Adam Faith...


I didn't watch it all; it looked rubbish, but at one point he is shown trying to make a comeback playing for 'The Saints' - who wear a familiar yellow and blue Admiral strip, at a small, old fashioned stadium that isn't the Dell. The game has John Motson commentary, but I think all the named players are made up. I read later that the film uses recycled league cup final footage for the climax. From what I read, the other clubs he plays for in the film are obviously fictionalised (Leicester Forest, or something).


Anyone remember this?

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Yes. I saw it at the cinema. Awful film, also starring Paul Nicholas and Adam Faith. The reason for going to see it was that it was the only way at the time to see footage of the League Cup final. The fictional team was I believe Windsor Saints - hey never actually used footage form the Dell. And the opponents in the cup final were Leicester Forest. But they showed the second half of the real game first, and the first half second. It ended (spoiler alert) with the Ian McShane character scoring teh winner with a lst minute penalty.

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