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    20/21 Kit

    I quite like the West Brom home one, but I wouldn't fancy wearing it anywhere near a supermarket checkout. Unexpected item in the baggy area. It looks a bit like a barcode, you see.
  2. Nice to see Jay Rodriguez in the headlines: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jan/22/manchester-united-burnley-premier-league-match-report
  3. Surely the 0-9 WAS the catalyst. If we'd been beaten by one or two goals, then the next winnable games would probably have come and gone in the same lackadaisical fashion, and THEN we might have sacked Ralph. Losing by 9 goals was probably the big bucket of cold water the players and manager needed. We should be THANKING Leicester.
  4. A couple of things not ENTIRELY relevant to the thread, but think of these as Pavlovian responses to things other people have brought up: Bournemouth is not in Hampshire NOW. But it was in Hampshire for longer than it has been in Dorset (I know you all know this... although I wonder if Paul Merson does, ironically). The Brighton 'guard of honour' sh*tstorm: you DO NOT give a guard of honour to a team if you are at their ground. It is a courtesy you (might) give your guests. Well, that's what I think any way.
  5. A souvenir of 1976 (on the right. Reverse has players' autographs). No date on the left hand one...
  6. Umm... because good, bad or indifferent, there were only two games on Sunday? By waiting until Monday they could have an extra, scintillatinly exciting game to cover. I for one am glad it worked out for them
  7. I wonder how many clubs there will be in the next few years who, in the hope of Doing A Leicester end up, instead, Doing A Leeds... I hope we aren't among them. Remember, we've already done a Leeds. Actually, if was only a Half-Leeds: we went bust trying to get out of the second division, rather than trying to get into the top 4 - not sure if that's better or not.
  8. On the telly yesterday evening, on channel Talking Pictures (freeview 81) this film from 1979, starring Ian McShane as a washed up alcoholic footballer, coached by Adam Faith... I didn't watch it all; it looked rubbish, but at one point he is shown trying to make a comeback playing for 'The Saints' - who wear a familiar yellow and blue Admiral strip, at a small, old fashioned stadium that isn't the Dell. The game has John Motson commentary, but I think all the named players are made up. I read later that the film uses recycled league cup final footage for the climax. From what I read, the other clubs he plays for in the film are obviously fictionalised (Leicester Forest, or something). Anyone remember this?
  9. The trouble with Arsenal is they always try to walk it in.
  10. Can anyone else tell me why my Super Soaraway Observer, in an article about managers being sacked, had a side panel which listed 3 or 6 of the current betting odds of the next manager to leave a club, including Ronald Koemann? There was no mention of him in the text, which I think was mainly about Mourinho, and I can't remember what the odds were... was he just on the list because he's a manager and therefore COULD be expected to leave? I've checked online, and there's nothing there. I've chucked the hard copy away now...
  11. He could have been the next Federico Arias.
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