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Bars in Prague?

chocco boxo

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Fairly standard advice... generally, bars on and immediately around Wenceslas Square will be pretty expensive, you'll probably be paying UK prices there. For better value, move a few blocks away from the main tourist areas.


Old Town square is the more picturesque of the squares in Prague and would be where most would congregate i'd imagine. As for prices... nowhere near the prices we saw in Milan even in the the squares. but as Steve says, go a block away and the prices drop further.


This video shows typical prices..... 1.5euros a pint! Could be a very messy few days


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We have a couple of people travelling out to Prague without tickets for this one so looking to watch in a bar near the Old Town. Any thoughts on a central pub as there will be a few I'd have thought travelling over without tickets?


To answer my own question, this has been recommended to me. http://www.aulddubliner.cz/


Quite central so not the cheapest but a pint (well.....half a litre) costs about £2.50

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