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Financial commitment of saints fans

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Dear saints,


Great Britain is one of the most important football markets in Europe because of its unique structure where a variety of clubs went public in the past, fans organised themself in supporters' trusts, etc. For me as a German, majority investors, fan-owned clubs (by supporters' trusts) or football clubs going public (lots of british clubs in the past) are quite unusual things.

I'm really interested in your opinions about these instruments from a fan-view. Does an investment in a football club make sense to you?


I've constructed a short survey on this topic. It takes only 4-5 minutes and I hope everybody of you is supporting this research. As soon as I got a few answers, I will delete this thread immediately. Perhaps somebody will consider this as spam but PLEASE it is definitive scientific work of a young sport scientist who is really interested in the deep mechanisms of british clubs and I hope you will allow it for only a few days.


Click here >>



Thank you so much!


Yours faithfully,


Marco Wanek

University of Bayreuth

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