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5G Phone Masts


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It appears the concern expressed by certain fringe groups re possible problems with 5G masts is not without precedence .

Apparently when Radar was first developed, just before WW2, a number of large Range & Direction Finding transmitters were set up along the southern coasts of the UK to assist with identification of aircraft .

These were quite large so not something to easily keep hidden.

Apparently there were plenty of rumours circulating what these towers were for and, as can be imagined, conspiracy theories abounded.

These included death rays directed towards invaders, an attempt to reach alien figures to assist us in our greatest time of need and the more popular,... if anyone came within a certain distance of the aerials they would instantly become infertile.

Such propaganda may well have been instigated by the Government but it is interesting to learn that conspiracy theories are not new and can be found to go back centuries in different forms, well before the arrival of Social Media.

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