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Ouch, how far we have really fallen


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For many years I used to run family vacations, sales meetings and customer events in Thailand. As a result I got to know my way around Bangkok very well ( :-) )


There is a huge market area known as Pratunam mainly aimed at the Wholesale clothing market. Amongst tourists it is also renowned for it's fake and rip off products.


Back in the early 80's there was a shop by the Amari Watergate hotel that sold fake football shirts and regularly had our latest "Saints Brand" shirts. Now I don't condone rip-offs but it was always good to see that we made it that far and to actually see Thai kids wearing the shirts.


Well, a mate of mine went in there today (actualy a Derby fan on a stopover to Aus) and obviously no Saints kit any more. But it was like a knife in the privates when he "GLOATINGLY" sent me an MMS picture.


Of a Sk*te shirt. What REALLY hurt was not the fact it was a sk*te shirt but the fact that it was their SECOND kit.


There is a market worldwide for fake 2nd kits, and we don't even warrant a fake first choice kit anymore.


JP - you have a mission mate. The longer we stay out of the limelight, the more poor kids will have their lives ruined around the world by being forced to wear such horrific fashion disasters

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Hi! I come from Bangkok.

Last five years, although Saints still in premier league and beattie is one of the top scorer, it's hard to find fake saints shirt. I got one and I never see anyone in Thailand wearing a saints shirt like me.

Luckily last year I went to Southampton to watch football match and I got te original one already ^_^

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