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  1. Most exciting Champ's League Final ever???
  2. Useful Idiot


    Don't worry, Slattery will be back to take his place. He's shaping up to be the next Gazza!
  3. Morgan failed at United and for France is because he didn't offer enough going forwards in the style that either team played. For us, he was amazing at intercepting passes or breaking up play then laying the ball off. His long diagonals to Clyne were also incredibly effective and he popped up with the odd goal. This is because we were playing teams that were out to get after us most of the time and we struggled against teams that sat back because neither Wanyama or Morgan were consistently creative enough when we had the ball. JWP is asked to do a lot more in our current system than Morgan ever was. He covers as much ground, has less talented players around him and is expected to offer something going forward and to consistently attempt high risk passes. I think JWP is a more complete, versatile midfielder than Schneiderlin who in his prime was a better specialist ball winner. I think Wanyama was better at shielding the defence, but Morgan was great at getting the ball back around the half-way line. In the team I picked, I think JWP/Morgan wouldn't be as effective as their styles are less complimentary then Wanyama with one of the other two and JWP gets in due to the fact he offers a bit more in the opposition half than Morgan does. I honestly think that if JWP keeps playing to the same level a big club will be after him sooner rather than later.
  4. I think since Ralph took over, JWP's all round game has been as good as Morgan's was. Morgan was a better ball winner, but JWP is playing in a more open midfield than him in a much worse team and is expectd to be involved at both ends of the pitch more than Morgan was. I think if Morgan was playing in our current team, he'd offer less than JWP. Inversely, if the current JWP was playing in the strongest team that Morgan played in alongside Wanyama, I think he'd be even more effective at contributing in attacking play and not much of a drop off defensively.
  5. Ings scored most of his goals with Long as his strike partner making space for him. Pelle played up front alone while bringing other players into the game. That makes a huge difference between them. I don't think Ings is half as effective as a lone forward. EDIT: My team would be: ---------------Boruc----------------- Clyne----Toby------VVD------Bertrand -----Wanyama--------JWP----------- Mane-----------Tadic-----------JRod ----------------Pelle---------------- I think a Wanyama/JWP pairing is more complimentary than Schneiderlin with either of the other two, even though he was great for us when he was in his prime. I realise that Tadic was at his best on the left for us, but he didn't really ever get a run through the middle, and Lallana was supposed to be playing from the right during his best season for us anyway. Of the two I think Tadic was the more creative player sio he gets the nod.
  6. Useful Idiot


    Don't worry, we'll have Harrison Reed back to partner JWP in midfield. It'll be just like having a new signing!
  7. He can get on top of it in 12 weeks but is applying for emergency executive powers that bypass parliament and last for two years in order to do so. So which is it? A couple of months or two years?
  8. 1-2 (Hojbjerg to score after 18 mins, then Carroll x2 after 82 and 91 mins). Really don't think I can be arsed to watch the game. Watching us playing against defensive teams at home is less enjoyable than staring at a messy diarreha splat for the afternoon.
  9. I hate Wet Spam and Bumley. We always play really badly against them as well. Its almost as if our players know this and perform like a bunch of tossers against these teams just to troll me and ruin my weekend.
  10. A female to male trans right back? I didn't realise we had one in the squad.
  11. Taking out the way he left, he's had nine league starts over the last three years, is on high wages, and is physically on the decline. Exactly the sort of player we should be avoiding like the plague.
  12. Badge kissing, Liverpool shirt signing, cringy 'thank you' advert writing judas tosser. No way in hell would I want the injury prone little rat back at Saints.
  13. His music was pretty boring to be honest, sort of a like a cheap Stones rip off with a bit of a New Orleans feel tacked on uncomfortably here and there. I'm not surprised he returned to playing football if that was the best he could come up with.
  14. But if we ever bought players they'll automatically be worse than what we have so it would just be a waste of money. We're far better off selling anyone that any other team shows the slightest interest in and then replacing them with nobody as that makes us far more likely to win matches.
  15. To be fair, the most likely that any of our team would be to play in Europe is if one of the big clubs comes in for them (most likely would be Ings). We'll snap their hand off as soon as they get their wallet out.
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