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  1. King's finishing ability is not much better than Long's, he's only really had two good seasons in his career. He does look less like a pub player when he tries to control a football, though.
  2. I'm not saying that we're in for him, but I think the top Brazilian and Argentinian leagues score highly for work permit points, and if he's played in the South American equivalent of the Champs League/UEFA League that means almost automatic approval. Apparently this guy did play a couple of games in the Copa Libertadores, so he should be able to get a permit IF we're actually after him.
  3. I concur. In an ideal world I'd like us to go for Buendía from Norwich. Plays in all three positions across attacking midfield and likes to drop inside from wide positions. Has regularly created chances for three seasons for them, think he would be a great fit for Ralph's system, but he's probably out of our price range.
  4. I think the match engine is heavily biased towards physical and mental attributes which is why Long is so effective. Pace and acceleration seem particularly valuable for strikers, it's almost as bad as FIFA in that respect. Hope they fix the rating bug for fullbacks and get the game to correctly track key tackles as at the moment my KWP and Bertrand are both averaging around 6.5 while Valery is somehow on 6.8. Apparently the ratings for fullbacks were broken during the last update. The only reliable way to boost them is to have them set to take corners.
  5. He's surprisingly good on Football Manager. Seems to always get a higher average rating than KWP for some reason. Think there is a bug concerning defenders ratings on the game though, so it might be due to that rather than just MLG making the player ratings unrealistic. In real life, he looks like a bit of an ungainly lower league winger rather than a premier league fullback. Not great touch, pretty quick and powerful but lacks positional sense, is poor at 1v1 defending, has a powerful shot and is reasonably ok-ish at crossing. but probably not much better at RB than Danso was when
  6. Tadic was my favourite Saints player while he was at the club. I completely respect his decision to move on, though. He deserved the chance to win trophies and play in European competition regularly (and not get kicked to bits when shielding the ball and have the refs do nothing about it). I think he was consistently in the top ten players for chance creation every year he was in the prem (and regularly in the top 5), which is really impressive when you think about it. I don't think Bertrand is that bad to be honest. It's more that the options in front of him are out of form or lack
  7. For me it's attacking midfield, which is probably the last place we will improve as we have four first team players who want to play in the two 'number 10' positions that Ralph likes to use. Problem is, we don't really get that much creativity from the players we do have who can play there. Theo is our best option; his movement is clever, he's pretty quick off the mark, he works hard and he's good on the ball. He's set up 2 goals in 11 matches. Small sample size so he might not keep up that level of performance, but it indicates a very promising start. Armstrong does a job there and
  8. Well, he's not relatively quick compared to Anthony Taylor. Maybe we should sign him instead?
  9. He has good movement off the ball, strikes a football well, can cross effectively and is quite skillful. Unfortunately, he's also very slow and seems to lose confidence easily. I remember him getting into great positions to score a couple of times when he arrived, but missing his finishes and then not making the runs to get into the box afterwards. I also remember a great bit of skill where he flicked the ball over a defender and sent him to the shops, but was then caught by the same defender about twelve steps later and lost the ball. He's nowhere near as q
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