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  1. So who is on the cards as a JWP replacement then. Henderson, Rice or should we be aiming a bit higher than that.
  2. That’s our Dell size mentality, should of expanded years ago
  3. What about the quality of football thought
  4. Any of our Euro players going to be back training soon. I can see one or two missing the start of the season as they will not be up to speed if not.
  5. And to think some thought he was going to Blackburn as part of the Armstrong deal LOL
  6. Another one who likes players that run around and around and around.
  7. Really, because he runs around a lot like your favourite Saints player
  8. God I hate Declan Rice, sorry but he just doesn’t do it for me.
  9. Well even if he does stay with us I assume he won’t be available until the end of August. holidays then a few weeks to get Ralph ready.
  10. I am sick of watching Rice and Phillips running around and not affecting the game.
  11. Phillips and Rice are having a fucking mare, talk about chasing shadows
  12. Ridiculous player for 18, perhaps we could swap the free kick maestro for him
  13. Who says you need left footers at left back
  14. Ah yes, made in Gao’s new clothing factory. Dont we have to sweeten his old man up as well with maybe some New forest fudge or something.
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