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  1. We are really bad at breaking teams down when they get behind the ball. And as I am typing Shrews attack and get a shot away
  2. Well at least they might not go on about the 9-0 after this game lol
  3. He’s just got back from his contract discussions with Klopp
  4. I thought Bednarek signed a new contract
  5. Jesus that was a long painful 45 minutes,
  6. Now you’re talking, Martines my old local late night haunt.
  7. I have also still not received my refunds for Man U and Sheffield games. Will give it until Tuesday and then have to phone them I suppose
  8. There just doesn’t seem an urgency to try and win the game. West Ham were getting everyone behind the ball and all we could come up with was pass back across the halfway line. There needs to be a different approach in circumstances like that.
  9. Well we certainly passed the life out of the half way line
  10. Seems to be a lot more hoofing from the back today compared with usual. No attacking threat at all, Long anonymous and so is Walcott
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