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  1. walcott is still on the field. 70 gone. make a sub ralph
  2. how long are we gonna give walcott. he's been absolutely shite we have tella armstrongx2 che djenepo on the bench ralph
  3. Redmond will almost definitely start and deservedly so after last performance. Interesting stat I heard - Redmond has been involved in all of our goals from open play so far
  4. that is true but he needs to keep his job first
  5. looking like it will be chillwell and chalobah
  6. happy with ralph's selection, a first this season
  7. can ralph just admit he has been getting it wrong, suck it up, and put tella in the starting 11 dont care if its for adams armstrong djenepo redmond or ely. on his appearances from end of last season he offers more than any of those from those djenepo ely adams tella would be my pick. with armstrong to obviously come in when fit. yes djenepo is useless but redmond is equally appalling. at least with djenepo we can see some effort
  8. you can see a team that hasn't scored a goal in 3 games scoring 2 against the what is probably the league's best defence and who have only conceded twice and kept 4 clean sheets?
  9. deab ball specialist jwp. when was the last time we scored or even got a head on a jwp corner fuck me
  10. frankly embarassing from bednarek. stephens wouldnt have let him bully him like that. romeu and jwp havent looked anything like their best this season as well. tino our best player every game so far
  11. the guardian is more generous: "Jonathan Moss gave a penalty and showed Walker a red card. VAR ordered him to the monitor, and the referee decided the right-back crashed into Armstrong as the latter wrapped a leg around the ball, so overturned his decisions. If Moss adjudged this a clear and obvious error, the official may wish to consult a dictionary to reacquaint himself with the terms’ definitions." both panels from motd and sss unanimous that it was a stonewall pen, the check perhaps was to rescind the red but never should have affected the pen
  12. whats the fucking point of these on field replays when they just show them what they want to see. anything can be made to look good from the right angle. its a pen all day long
  13. has salisu picked up a knock? sticks with redmond but not our best cb from last game...
  14. I doubt Pep will play KDB twice in a week after a long lay off. Won't change the outcome mind.
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