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  1. I understand. So if we beat Burnley we can beat everyone :-) Seems to be an interesting game next weekend.
  2. Anyway - we could upheld our performance more or less. We play on a much higher level consistently than at season start. And we complain about not taking something from LV or Tottenham, that is a good sign! We are not (yet) top four, that is obvious. It is not a drama to loose against such teams this season. The other clubs started to analyse our game and our defense, but nevertheless we still put our good performance on the pitch. With the new RB, JWP again on his position and Boufal getting better step by step we should have a good run in the updoming games.
  3. Maybe they beat us, but definitely not "without breaking a sweat".
  4. When Mané went to Southampton from RB Salzburg, he played a dirty trick on his team. Salzburg was about to play an important Champions league game but Mané was absent, nobody knew where he was, so he did not play. He wanted to enforce his move to Southampton - what finally happened, but first he betrayed his fellow players in Slazburg ...
  5. Only saw the last one. West Ham's team was kind of shy most of the time, didn't much believe in themselves. Maybe this is part of the last game's success of LV - that the other sides considered themselves as victims from the beginning. I am pretty sure Southampton won't play the role of victims but be aggressive and LV will not be familiar with such a dedicated other side.
  6. I have betted on a draw or a win. So I have to be optimistic.
  7. They are as good as they are allowed to be good. As I stated already above, they are maybe not used to get pressed themselves. They will make mistakes, relying on their CB-CB-keeper-CB-CB play. But Klopp is clever and will try to avoid pressing. RH on the other side will know that Klopp is clever and will react to Klopp's reaction and so on ... Football is sometimes very easy - LV will underestimate us whatever warnings Klopp will say to his players so I expect a pleasant surprise.
  8. Remember the 4-3 of Liverpool against Salzburg in European Champions-League in autumn. LV got 3 goals within minutes or so. Salzbug played a similar style to Southhampton, but had a weaker defense. Let's see ...
  9. Saw their game against West Ham. Kind of boring. Liverpool's defense is not used to pressing from the other side. Not at all. Westham pressed in total 2 and 1/2 minutes or so and even in this minor time span they could win the ball several times. So their defense will have a hard time with us on Saturday! On the other side their forwards are extremly clinical, as we know. Our RB position will have no problem, whoever plays in our team there, because Mané will be out. Our midfield and the defenders will be crucial for the result of the game. Both teams will make goals. 2:2 or 2:3 for us.
  10. IF we perform as we did in the recent weeks, or even better (RH: "We are getting better each week") then 1 or 3 points can be taken from Liverpool. But they are so strong, will be a challenge for the defense. Maybe a fast goal from Ings and, when they attack for the equalizer, make another one or two :-)
  11. I don't know the real considerations then, and the financial situation of the club. Danso played in German Bundesliga always as a CB as far as I remember, as well as in the Austrian national team (never as a RB). Sometimes, in U23, he was used as a defensive midfielder. There were 4 CBs in the summer already. Maybe RH was not sure of their quality for his systems. Or maybe in summer he wanted to stick to 3 CBs on the pitch, then it would have made sense to have a 5th one for rotation. Image Stephans, Yoshida, Bednarek or Vestergaard were used as RBs and/or LBs. Had they been so much better than Danso?
  12. The idea of the club and RH is to develop young players and, after some years, sell them for much money. Therefore, a complete CB of 26 or 28 years would make sense in another philosophy. Danso is there for the future. That was the idea I think. But RH changed his mind a bit - the struggling season start did not allow him to give match-time to youngsters. (Even top-talented Djenepo comes from the bench ...)
  13. Bednarek was responsible for causing some goals at season start, wrong positioning, back oriented, a liability. But RH was loyal to him and improved him to a good player again. So the same can happen with Danso.
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