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  1. Even this Norwich side aren't that bad.
  2. Great play to get on the counter, then just stop and slow it right down. So frustrating. A point would be decent but we could take all 3 here.
  3. He seems to be genuinely buzzing about being here, so looking forward to seeing how he gets on, not hard to be an improvement on our current set up. Lots of people on hear crying out for a bit of grit and passion in our team, seems you might now get it.
  4. He'll fit right in, get it done.
  5. Good point, waste of money let's get welbeck.
  6. Walcott off, redmond wide and Adams up top please
  7. Even when he does well you're still bitter. Your hatred for Redmond is actually quite entertaining 😂
  8. Exactly, and redmond plays his part, no matter how frustrating he can be at times.
  9. Will be overlooked by the haters.
  10. Agreed with the comments on FF never thought I'd see him back as the first team keeper bit surely he has to start. Think Salisu did enough to start alongside vesti, see how he does.
  11. Can everyone stop crying that Salisu is another disaster signing now, looked solid pretty much all game not a bad debut at all.
  12. Why is everyone saying that tackle was a "Salisu error", it wasn't a foul or a pen, it was a strong challenge. Think he's looked decent in the few moments he's had, sweeping up nicely.
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