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  1. No fans in grounds is giving him, the players and the board a free pass. I am so disappointed with this club.
  2. The players are also a problem but its time to go Ralph. He's been absolutely battered by a big Sam team. Horrific.
  3. This kind of performance is exactly why we have two 9-0 defeats under the current manager. We're are going down next season without a fight if this continues.
  4. He doesn't know how to set up a defence. It's another display of piss poor management from him.
  5. Last 20 games has us sitting 17th in the form table. Very lucky today, his Salisu sub for Stu put us on the back foot and he won't have Ings to bail him out next season. Cult of Ralph is still strong.
  6. We probably pay them far more than they're both worth so slim chances of them being sold.
  7. We deservedly lost that. Awful, dull and predicable football in that second half. Ralph gets outdone by another manager at half time. Bottom of the form table over the last 15 games, throw in a second 9-0 humiliation and a record breaking amount of defeats in a row. RALPH OUT.
  8. Two 9-0 defeats. Record breaking run of defeats and now deservedly losing at home to a shite Brighton team. There cant be many who want to defend that.
  9. Ralph is the best worst manager we've ever had. Yet again a simple change by the opposition manager at half time has put the match on a plate for the opposition. We have no answers for it. This isn't good enough from the manager. This is worse than anything we got under Pellegrino and Hughes.
  10. The way we concede goals for fun is a joke. All 5 of those goals were piss poor to concede but hey, at least it wasn't 9. That's the standard we set now. At least it wasnt fucking 9.
  11. That 3rd goal is really disappointing. Stephens and Salisu seemed to give up once Marhez went past them. We're just a really lightweight team. No bollocks about us.
  12. Fucking pointless giving Ramsay a new deal yesterday. He clearly isn't rated by the manager.
  13. Armstrong is awful as a CM. Bednarek is awful at RB. This is going to be another hiding.
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