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  1. Fact we've got Long on the pitch sums up our options. Effectively playing with 10 men.
  2. Why was Vestergaard on the fucking goal line.
  3. Armstrong needlessly gave the ball away.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised to see Wolves put Traore upfront like they did in the second half at St. Marys last season. We couldn't cope with him.
  5. I wouldn't mind if we reverted back to this version of the current badge.
  6. https://www.southamptonfc.com/store/clothing/mens/stop-the-count-t-shirt/c-1/c-255/p-4055 Cringe.
  7. Still hurting from the 4-0 smashing I see.
  8. Starting to sound like a dud signing.
  9. On the injury front: "It was such a hard game, maybe it was too tough at times. "Ingsy's (injury) doesnt look good. it was right by me and we know his history with his knee. "Bertrand had an hamstring problem and Bednarek clashed in the air. Let's hope" #SaintsFC #AVLSOU
  10. Stephens comes on and we look poor defensively. No coincidence. 2nd half performance takes the gloss off what should have been a very comfortable win.
  11. This is Saints so comfortable 2-0 defeat.
  12. Great performance today. Over the moon with that.
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