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  1. That really is quite staggering, how one person can cram so much horses**t into one article is breathtaking! He is completely delusional.
  2. Can they just unilaterally decide to send him back? When they signed an agreement for a season long loan. Surely they would need some agreement from us to just send him back?
  3. Sad to see he him go, he's been an excellent player for us. It seems Jack was getting less playing time here. His move to Swansea gives him what he wants, and probably the best outcome for all parties. We get some money now. free up some wages and opens up the space for Reed to be more involved. Its a shame its happened now in the midst of an injury storm. But we will just have to deal with it until they are back from injury.
  4. Wow what a week 3 tough away games 6 - points & next round of the cup. You can't ask more than that. This is turning into a season to remember. Been at the hospital so only just in to see Elia score the second, but I thought Reed looked like right little terrier from what I was able to see. Ella looks a real handful & will improve with games.
  5. That we didn't need. Gonna be a test now on Saturday without Spiderman, Big Vic and Toby.
  6. Oh **** Wanyama pulled up that looks bad
  7. Well out of the blue what a great finish Long
  8. He is growing in to a sound defender, looking better with every game. Made a couple of crucial tackles & interceptions today. Looked composed and slotted in after Toby had been subbed off.
  9. So who would have thought it Chelsea Arsenal United 7 points wow. How do you pick a man of the match. Clyne & Bertrand both excellent. Fonte was outstanding and Morgan and Big Vic were superb. That was a great team performance but a special mention to Gardos! Who I thought had a very good game. Absolutely buzzing now.
  10. I predict 6-mins Fergie time. I'm as nervous as f**k come on Saints.
  11. Jesus they are coming on strong now. Come on Saints hold out.
  12. Phew how did he miss that mata
  13. How the f**k was that a free kick for United. Great skill by Pelle.
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