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  1. And as I've pointed out before, the media quoted weekly wages are usually what the player takes home after tax etc - presumably football works that way because of so many foreign players who move from country to country and want to know what they'll actually get, regardless of the local tax rules. So £65k a week actually equates to a salary well over £5 milion a year before tax etc. Top players are on £10mill, £20mill, or even £30 million a year if the figures quoted for Kane at City are true. And we wonder why clubs go bust!
  2. Yes a 2 tier society...... responsible moral human beings who've been vaccinated to protect others as well as themselves- and 'others'.
  3. You have to remember that football wages are usually quoted *after* tax. Tge obscenely high money that we hear players are paid are actually their take home pay. The clubs pay their tax for them in effect - or in Portsmouth's case they didn't! 🙂 So to pay someone say £60k a week will cost the club around 100k. And it is wage costs that show in the accounts, not the take home pay.
  4. Walcott is a useful player to have but surely we can't afford the wages he's used to?
  5. Yes? but unfortunately his bid was left next door while we were out.
  6. Fair enough but I'd have thought he'd be on the bench instead of Lewis.
  7. Any of the 2000 on-line? What's it feel like there ?
  8. Those supporters that are successful in the ballot will have their seats allocated and will receive an email with information about their tickets by Tuesday 8th December. 'By'... but people are often sloppy about such details and it may actually mean by the end of Tuesday. But as said earlier, my view is that it's a serious risk for anyone at all vulnerable. Never mind how distanced you might be in the seats, think how that bloke up the row who can't hold his drink will push past you to go to the gents etc. You'll often be closer than 1m.
  9. So the rules in different tiers mean that some teams will have (small) crowds - all home fans presumably- whilst other clubs will still have no spectators at all. Hmmmm.
  10. Ken Tone

    Injury Watch

    Any news on JWP's fitness?
  11. Ken Tone

    Injury Watch

    Shouldn't matter. He's not Maradona!
  12. Tests are usually only about 95% accurate and even then only tell what can be found in the blood at that moment. That's why testing at airports etc isn't good enough for certainty. Not worth the 1 in 20 risk of unknowingly bringing a mutated version of the virus into the UK *if* he's been infected.
  13. As I read it he'll definitely be able return but he may have to quarantine for 14 days- as would several other Danish players in the PL, including some fella called Hojberg. This Danish mutation of the virus could be really bad news for a vaccine, which puts the importance of football in proportion IMO.
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