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  1. OK, so that petition isn't exactly going to garner an awful lot of signatures, but I do like the fact that its starter is apparently one Ronald Tissier.
  2. Hardly surprising. The bastards are making him drink water.
  3. You certainly can't fault Emma on her last sentence though: Downright prophetic if you ask me.
  4. Yes, yes, yes - but is there any better, more wholehearted, more supportive booing anywhere? Well is there? No, I think not.
  5. If any of the phew read this, they may end up getting very excited indeed. I'm sure they'd be happy to ditch their status as the biggest, bestest, bestest-supportedest club in the whole wide world for a mega-wad of Chinese cash. Then again, it does say he may buy a football club, not the football club, so he probably hasn't dared to set his sights so high...
  6. I doubt Tubbs would be owed anything much by Bournemouth - maybe the odd loyalty bonus or whatever, but that wouldn't amount to a great deal, and certainly not as much as a transfer fee. And surely one of the other clubs trying to sign him must have been offering Bournemouth a fee? Of course, if Bournemouth were simply looking to release him on a free to get an additional squad place and trim their wage bill a little, the whole thing makes more sense - and it's probably safe to say that Pompey were the highest bidder in terms of contract and salary. Same old same old it seems.
  7. More likely Crocket or Tubbs I'd have thought - or maybe both...
  8. Yes, I can imagine that Mandy's just chuffed to bits that her ever-loving husband has made a "generous contribution to Andy Awford’s Pompey academy fanfunding campaign", and she's got a birthday greeting on their web site. And not just any old greeting - it's a personalised one. She'll be putting out big time tonight and no mistake.
  9. Allen of the News Single-sentence paragraphs Illiterate ***t. Perhaps writing in haiku form is Factless' ultimate aim? If so I'm all for it.
  10. Yes, it does, doesn't it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z91arJDZ7Fk No wonder they've made her the fire minister.
  11. You're forgetting that he's not from the Island of Doctor Moreau (high time that one was revived I think), so the chances of him being a sufficiently close relative are just too low.
  12. At first I'd have called this a clear tautology, but on reflection maybe he means that his parents were related only by marriage. That would certainly count as dysfunctional in Paulsgrove. Unheard of even.
  13. I'm surprised that you'd get prosecuted for that in Portsmouth, to be honest. Unless, of course, the person he's alleged to have assaulted isn't close enough family - just a cousin or something. And so, following on from Herman on the last page, I get a post on the PTS page of my birth year. Go me.
  14. Perhaps his ultimate aim Is to become The EJ Thribb of Local sports Journalism.
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