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  1. They are so insignificant that people didn't even notice.
  2. He is a clown and an attention seeker. Plain and Simple. An embarrassment.
  3. THey should survive in the third division with Bolton in trouble and Southend looking clueless and only three down. They are a decent bottom third division 3 side with a massive global following...apparently.
  4. Surely the money from the TV coverage will go some way to reaching that figure? With so many people tuning in there are bound to be a rush of companies wanting to be seen sponsoring the game.
  5. Do keep up, they had a change of plan on the last day of the champion winners play off game and decided they didn't want to go up this year. They have the checkatrade trophy to defend.
  6. Surprised to see that their star and ever present CD Matt Clark has left for Brighton. I was told he was going to be one for the future, a premier league player. I suppose you can see it form his point of view, he couldn't wait forever to achieve his ambition. Although it must have been hard to leave one of the 'bigger' clubs in the third division. I suppose the opportunity of Brighton, a much bigger club was to much.
  7. Borrowing money again to make the 'improvements'. I expect it is all part of the plan to make themselves 'premiership ready' when they 'decide' it is the right time to go up.
  8. Aye, but no chance of your money back if you don't like the product.
  9. Could they sell one of the other stands to Lidl therefore providing competition for Tesco? Three stands I am sure is the way to go, plus people could do their shopping and watch a bit of footie on the way out.
  10. Surely they didn't need to go to Wembley again having won 'the (lower league) Cup again. And they have pulled off a crafty move being table to qualify to defend it again...etc
  11. But it doesn't matter. When they are bankrupt again they will just start a new club.
  12. Oh dear, the wheels re coming off. Mind you I am sure they probably don't necessarily want to go up this year and have the lower leagues cup to win.
  13. I couldn't find their result. You would think it would be top of the BBC results board, or so I understand as the media is really taking notice of them now they are top of League three.
  14. Hang on, I distinctly heard one of their fans say they didn't want to go up this year. After all isn't real football in Division three or was that Fourth Division that they have recently 'decided' to get out of?
  15. Surely they will be launching an appeal. I mean, how can this be? T
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