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  1. Have you actually read your own quote? 510000 is figure for doing nothing, 250000 is under the mitigation strategy. Thankfully, they’ve seen sense and changed to try and suppress the spread, hopefully keeping deaths to 20000.
  2. Which is great for Hampshire. The only bit I have a problem with, is telling the players to go back to the counties and they’ll be selected on early season form, then completely ignoring that to pick an out of form Stoneman, Bess and a specialist number seven who doesn’t really play four day cricket anymore. Makes you wonder why anybody bothers with the county championship.
  3. Even more odd, because Adams and Weatherley are opening the batting today. McManus is listed at three, with Vince at four and Amla five. I’d have thought switching McManus and Amla around would be a good idea, although Dawson is too good to be batting at seven. It’s not that long ago he was opening.
  4. Nellie

    Claude Puel

    I don’t think anyone’s doubting you on that score, champ.
  5. Wheater was fairly lucky, he got away with a lot of edges and it was no surprise when he dragged one on. He did take a shine to Dawson's first over though and the intent shown by the openers was probably the difference. I didn't think we were urgent enough through the middle overs. After Roussow got injured, Bailey was quite quiet and Ervine seemed content to nurdle it around. What's happened to him? We really missed some impetus from Carberry, especially after Vince got a first baller. Foster showed himself up as a massive bellwhiff. Not only did he seem to get away with a caught behind, he had the mother of all strops, presumably about the innings not being concluded in time. This despite using every delaying tactic in the book.
  6. Relegated. A bit disappointing we let Durham double their score in the first innings, from 186-7. Over the course of the season though, we just haven't been good enough. Difficult to complain, we've had a few injuries, but never seemed to be able to capitalise when in commanding positions in the field. Oh well, hopefully some of the younger players will get a chance again next year.
  7. Cricinfo are reporting we've signed Reece Topley, and he could join on loan before the end of this season. Very good addition as he's got some pretty impressive stats, hopefully it wouldn't impact on Wood's progress though. http://www.espncricinfo.com/county-cricket-2015/content/story/915959.html
  8. Er, because he got the ball, then his momentum took him into the player, not ball and man together or man then ball. The angle from behind the goal showed it pretty clearly. Even Alan Smith noticed it, so it must have been obvious.
  9. Suggest you watch it again. Fonte got the ball, clearly.
  10. It was like watching someone playing stick cricket in real life. He didn't even go out to bat until the 39th over.
  11. Stroud is a useless ****. How is he falling for it every time?
  12. It's a confusing one, isn't it? I genuinely thought Gatting was only signed to provide cover should Carbs/Vince get called up for England during the summer. With Ervine and Wheater both playing, I really don't see any reason to play him instead of a fourth bowler. Wood and Coles would be a pretty strong bowling 8 and 9.
  13. It might be nice if you bothered to get the name of your opponents correct.
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