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  1. My money's on Di Canio. Sunderlands next 15 games games are : (A) Saints, (A) Palace, (H) Arsenal, (A) West Brom, (H) Liverpool, (H) Man United, (A) Swansea, (H) Newcastle, (A) Hull, (H) Man city, (A) Stoke, (A) Villa, (H) Chelsea, (H) Spurs, (A) West ham Can only see a MAXIMUM of 9 or 10 points out of a possible 45
  2. if any of you fancy joining my league then the code is 1312602-387040
  3. I have a contact who works at st.marys who has told me there are rumours going around that Remy is a possible target for saints, around 15 million
  4. Been through it last year. I am a solicitor and there is a matrimonial solicitor in my firm that I used but I am based up in Leicester. She is a Rottweiller though and eats kids for breakfast. Probably too far for you but let me know if you are interested as most matrimonial work can be done via phone and email - face to face not really necessary. Horrible bloody process though and the quicker you can get it done the better - for your sanity and your pocket. Let me know if you want to chat.
  5. Fonte would be captain if he was fit! And Lallana would be captain before Fonte if he was fit!
  6. This isn't about whether it is fair or not. On the face of it, it's just a bad business decision. Plain and simple. But only time will tell if my statement is correct but the odds are not in favour of Cortese having made the correct decision. Sadly, this is football today and I guess as fans we either accept it or stop supporting the game we all love. The game is full of egotistical fools with no regard to decency or the common fan. This also includes many of the players as well as the executives running the clubs. The whole sport is cancer ridden from top to bottom. But it is only a game. And we'll all be back on Monday or shortly thereafter cheering on the club we love. Nigel will find himself a new club and be very successful. I have no doubt. He deserves it and one day, mark my words, he will manage our country. Thanks Nigel for two and half very special years. We will not forget what you gave us.
  7. Anyone know if there are any tickets still on sale on the gate for today's game - for the Saints end needless to say!
  8. Absolutely right. Those who say you should just "pull yourself together" talk out of ignorance and stupidity. Unless you've been there or been very close to someone who has then you don't have a clue. It's a deep dark place and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
  9. See their injury list as of this morning Newcastle's injured players •Hatem Ben Arfa (hamstring) •Pa**** Cisse (thigh) •Ryan Taylor (knee) •Dan Gosling (knee) •Yohan Cabaye (groin) •Haris Vuckic (knee) •Shola Ameobi (groin) •Jonas Gutierrez (knee) •James Perch (thigh) •Adam Campbell (neck)
  10. We'll get 1 point from those games. That will come in the home game to Norwich.
  11. we'll get 1 point from those games at home to Norwich
  12. Spot on Ken. Lets not revert to what we were a few years back. If we go down then we go down but with a lot of cash in the bank. I cannot think of a better manager than Nige to get us back up. Lets not give him to someone else so they can benefit from what he has learned with us.
  13. The real truth here is that neither Seabourne or Martin are nearly good enough for the premier league and its unlikely they ever will be. We need to recruit a couple of defenders with decent premier league experience who are proven at the top level. Needless to say that will not be easy. I don't envy Nigel's position at the moment. He needs to get those defenders in now but will have to wait until January when it may be too late for him and for us. He gambled on Fonte, Hooiveld, Yoshida, Fox etc being good enough for the premier league. It's quite clear that they are not quite up to the mark and probably never will be.
  14. How ironic that that if you rearrange the letters of his name you get the expression "Rangers Leech"
  15. I'm going to have trouble paying my tax bill in January. I wanted to know which player to write to who would give me a loan and in return I would give the person concerned some crap legal advice in return.
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