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  1. Rather he left than moaning about how hard done by Saints have treated him.
  2. They get paid 3-4 million a yr. and they get tired what a bunch of c88ts.
  3. Wopper


    Getting worse trys to save every shot with his legs.
  4. How can you win a game with a bandy legged goalkeeper.
  5. No wonder our best players cant wait to leave.
  6. Need to get Clasie off blokes a liability.
  7. Get rid the blokes becoming a pain.
  8. Success has gone to his head and the club can get f**ked.
  9. Fonte is not as good as he thinks he is.
  10. No doubt he wants a big money move and who can blame him.
  11. How can Fonte turn down a £40000wk pay rise if he has an offer?
  12. Good to see he has more faith in the club than a lot of the fans.
  13. Everyone spouts tripe you do enough of if.
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