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  1. Enjoyed the game, our defence played very well - McCarthy was also faultless. JWP, Redmond, Moi all pretty anonymous the whole match. Broja looked a real handful when he came on - please start him next match! watching from the family centre it struck me that our defenders would be looking up to pass the ball out and our entire midfield and forwards were not making any runs, no movement at all. Just no one to play the ball out to. Throughout the whole game we were just stood there, shocking lack of movement everywhere. No idea why. Livramento is so full of running when he’s
  2. I love Djenepo’s unpredictability, he can beat a player, just needs more end result - decent cross or a shot. There is a decent player in there, but understand why he is not a popular starting choice.
  3. Good performance undone by lack of concentration in places. Before the game a point would have been a good outcome, should have won it though, almost lost it, got the deserved point - credit JWP for a cool head under pressure with the pen. still conceding too many goals - 6 in 3 games now, we haven’t solved the too easy to score against problem yet…
  4. Twat. We all have opinions, you are a gobby nob.
  5. The response depends on the game and opposition. If we are 1 up and clearly on top then no, of course I wouldn’t want us to shut up shop. But away at Everton where we were definitely not on top or looking likely to score more, we definitely do need this conservative approach. Playing a high pressing game against decent teams will always leave you stretched at the back if they break against you. Why invite a quick break when you can play difficult to beat? Poch had us playing great football, but he had a far better quality selection of players to choose from than Ralph has. We are playi
  6. We have thrown away more points from winning positions than any other team - a table we are top of! But why? We are too nice, too soft, too easy to get through. We have no game plan (or if we do, it’s well hidden). We get in front - great. Then we just carry on as before, get weary, make errors, concede. Once one goes in, more are sure to follow. Why though? Ralph I’m afraid has to take the criticism for this. We don’t evolve to the situation going on on the pitch. Nothing. No response, no tactical changes, no personnel changes until it is too late to matter. Everton at
  7. I think we will go with 5 at the back, Armstrong on his own up front and 4 trying to stop them playing through our midfield. Forster in goal please! Better performance, ultimately 3-1 loss.
  8. Well fingers crossed it all works out, else we will be going to AA. (Alcoholics Anonymous)!
  9. 17th. Watford, Newcastle and Norwich just slightly more shit than we are. We struggle to stop conceding goals, teams know we want to play out from the back and simply pressure us into giving them the ball in and around our penalty area. Neither of our keepers are comfortable on the ball, we keep giving soft self inflicted goals away. Our central defenders still can’t read the game (why would they, they are the same as last season). I am regularly told off for uttering my usual Saints watching phrase “ffs stop pissing about at the back with it”.
  10. He’d be as awful as Solanke or Ibe have been. Eg useless waste of money.
  11. Totally and utterly agree. Abraham would be a great upgrade on Ings - taller, quicker, younger. Won’t happen, but the happy clappers on here thinking it’s their own money that’s being spent amuse me… If we were a wealthier club, the saddos on here would be extolling it as a great deal. We should aim high, everyone heart on heart knows he would be an upgrade, but no, the saints web rules say he’s crap because he’s expensive.
  12. Good luck to him. Decent money for him, we now need to spend it very wisely on a striker. A decent defensive midfielder would also not go amiss…
  13. Definitely, and a leader and upgrade on all we have at cb. We need to get experience in and forget this young and for the future crap, with a mythical resale value nonsense. Need to change our tunnel vision strategy and get a bit of guile and experience in our side. Still think we need a big and nasty dm in to protect our glass defence and goalkeeper too, part of the reason we conceded so many goals last season…
  14. Has Harry Kane forgotten how to run? It’s cringeworthy watching him plod about. Get him off and get someone on who at least puts the effort in. But Southgate won’t do that will he? could do with Bamford up front to give us a focal point. Shame he didn’t make the squad 😬
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