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  1. Red vs Green is not good for my eyes. I have no idea what’s happening at corners!
  2. When I got my flu jab this year I was quite impressed. They did it on a Saturday, you booked in for a time, walked up to the door and somebody checked you were on the list, then ushered into the next available room, walked in, nurse administered jab, then ushered out. I would be surprised if I was in the building for 60 seconds. They must’ve done hundreds of people in that day.
  3. Exactly this. If it’s anything like the call centre I worked at, the people there will be under pressure to meet nonsense targets and so everybody will be engaged in a game of trying to inflate their numbers rather than applying any degree of thought to the work.
  4. Although it’s annoying, the reason it’s mentioned is because the club stuck with Ralph and we are now doing great, it is a good and unusual story. Sunderland just continued to sink like a stone so it was nowhere near as interesting.
  5. Well maybe but they've got advance notice. If they're that bright they'll presumably work out that they have to put the effort in during lessons and not rely on exams which aren't going to happen.
  6. Erm I think you're all forgetting something in terms of the priorities. MPs MPs cleaners MPs nannys MPs chaufers Bar staff at the houses of parliment bar People who run golf clubs that MPs like to go to People who run hunting clubs Billionaire political donators Old people Shielding people NHS Staff
  7. I'm fairly sure that no vaccine is 100% and if this is actually 90% effective that's a pretty high success rate already.
  8. Secondary school kids and not in lessons, only in communal areas. The school I work at have been doing that since September anyway and I assumed most others were.
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