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  1. Save ya money mate !! 😂😂
  2. Apparently tho Watford are worse than us and claudio won’t keep them up !! Leeds will come good wen players are back .. Norwich are gone along with us and Burnley !!.. see ya in the championship!!
  3. Attacking posters again are you little man !! You hide behind that fucking keyboard and spout you’re boring shit! Gutless cunt !!! Climb out you’re hole and actually go to a game !! I’d love to Bump into you !!
  4. Calm the fuck down cockwomble !! You’re boring !! Do fuck off and do some under water farts you boring cunt !!
  5. Demarari gray was available to us for 1.2m way way before Everton were sniffing ! As was andros Townsend ! Both better than redders ,mouse, moi and Walcott !! We could now be sat mid table and above instead of again flirting with relegation had we took a punt on these players for a very small fee .. I know wages for all the above players would have been the issue but we could have tried moving on redmond to Norwich and moi back to Celtic in January.. no one will want Theo but mouse we could sell on .. these 4 wingers/10’s are not good enough for premier league football..it’s clear week in week
  6. Had le tiss and jimmy case playing with the above two .. saw us through games .. Romeu no where near a jimmy case and obviously there’s only one Matty le Tiss .. Kerry dixon and Dave speedie scored goals for saints.. more than I can say than the current shite being served up !
  7. Mcoist not realising che hasn’t got a left foot that’s why he didn’t let the ball come across his body so opted for no power with his right peg
  8. Was guna try and fit adams in too see if anyone noticed lol 😂
  9. Broja and Armstrong up top .. perraud left back… kwp right back ..tino in front of him .. stu Armstrong just behind the top two and diallo Romeu behind him .. moi on the left .. bed and salli cbs.. Macca between the sticks … 1-0 saints broja !!
  10. Shilton golac Wright van dijk Dennis le tissier Williams Case R wallace Mane D.wallace
  11. Yes they are by far .. Claudio will steer them to mid table … saints are gone with the clown 🤡 at the Helm ..few grounds in the championship on the agenda for next season ..we can’t compete in this league .. now watching Newcastle fans in raptures on sky just drives the knife in even further for us !! The lid on the coffin is closing fast !
  12. So Burnley saints Norwich then relegated this season ..
  13. Newcastle going straight out oil league champions .. move over citeh there’s a new JR in town
  14. Give it time mush .. you’re new here !
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