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  1. Sorry Al I’m sorted now. I’m collecting from West Brom.
  2. If anyone has a spare, let me know. Not sold out, but I live up north and you can only get them from our ticket office this late on.
  3. I do Al if you still have it. Can meet in Hudds tomorrow or Manchester today?
  4. In need of one spare ticket if anyone has one?
  5. In need of one ticket for tomorrow if anyone has one?
  6. Can anyone get any of the video links to work?
  7. Phoned the club up and they said to email the media player address. I said there is a game on now though... Does anyone have the media player companies number?
  8. Can tickets be bought on the day?
  9. Dennis Wise - knows this league, perhaps too expensive though,
  10. Hilarious. I just emitted a laugh, sometimes referred to as laughing out loud.
  11. There is a good big pub on Marlborough or Gloucester Place that showed us v Chaventry game recently when it was a late Saturday kick off, when United Blackburn were on at the same time. They have a load of screens. Can't remember the name of it, but big place, large outdoor seating area to the right hand side of it, if you were facing the pub.
  12. Ace fact. Surely this should provide the club with a bit of favourable media coverage, and potentially make us more attractive to a British based takeover.
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