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  1. Thanks for posting the clips. If he can play at that level he is going to be a regular starter. He can hit an accurate crossfield pass to switch play. We've missed this since Vesty left and it's an important element of our game
  2. Jordan’s perspective is out of date. Might be right might be wrong but it’s from a moment in time when he had the opportunity to look in detail. It’s also just his perspective. Doesn’t mean it will be As he said debt isn’t an issue as long as you can service it and I don’t believe that Kat and Chairman would write off millions of their asset value for the sake of servicing a debt. The cost to service is possibly no more than Lemina and Hoedts wages in terms of trading and player movements it makes next to no difference. We still have to sell to buy and hopefully we can
  3. https://www.propertyinvestortoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2021/10/the-uks-next-property-hotspots-where-to-invest-in-2021-and-beyond Sandwiched between two national parks and the coast. Easy access to international travel and the capital. Better climate than many areas https://www.centreforcities.org/publication/southampton-city-centre/ Fundamentals and masterplan for growth are in place Southampton has been in the top three growth cities for a quite a few years now and has an opportunity to consolidate primarily by being the regional office hub that the area lacks with signific
  4. Personally I want to learn and understand the tactical analysis better than I do and for me TWar's insights and perspective is interesting and helpful. The suggestions that there's nothing new is probably correct in part as, after all, it's a game that's been around for a long time and if you have the best players (most money) you will tend to come out on top more often than not. For me it's an appreciation of the application of tactical changes and strategies to get the best out of what you have and to counter the opposition. A game plan maybe rather than the St Marys cry of "get it forw
  5. We're unbeaten in 6. Dont see why that shouldnt continue
  6. Lighten up ffs. We (all of the team and subs) played well but ASM is a top player and so difficult to defend against.
  7. Who was in goal for our “4th in the league calendar year”?
  8. Really enjoyed that. I'll subscribe
  9. Good post. Thanks Interesting how Vest has gone from donkey status to colossus in a couple of weeks
  10. Exactly... No one moans on here Ever
  11. I'd be happy with Brandon Williams on loan and Thomas Delaney 🤞
  12. Just want to clear something up that's been on my mind regarding the hangover from last season. It's been quoted many times that the second half of the season was very poor and this is an indicator of our mind set and how we're going to perform in the coming season and I'd sort of accepted this because that's kind of how it felt but the form tables show it was a little different to how it felt Last 6 matches - we were 14th in the form table Last 8 - 16th Last 10 - 14th Last 12 - 14th (roughly the last third of the season) In comparison Everton were 15th (6), 11th (8),
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