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  1. Must admit I've not really read much of the detail of what both sides have said, but if he's actually said that, they absolutely should be rejecting the offer. But of course, someone's made hollow promises to them with nothing to back them up, so of course they'll wave it through...
  2. I present to you the significant example of Burton Albion who, to my knowledge, have never spent beyond their means, despite relatively (compared to clubs like Pompey, Plymouth, etc) meagre attendances and exposure, and yet have secured a second season in the Championship next season. If you get things right, having someone pouring their own money in shouldn't be necessary to be successful at those levels. Obviously once you get up to the Premier League (and arguably the Championship), there is a pretty obvious glass ceiling, even with a rich backer, but until that point, there is at least
  3. So, it turns out they made another loss in the last financial year (to June 2016). £492,000, despite turnover increasing by £1.25m overall (with a "significant" increase in gate receipts). Made a cracking £77,000 profit on player transfers, though.
  4. To be fair, even if they'd wanted to dump Fratton Park and build elsewhere, I don't think that was ever a viable option. The cost would have been prohibitive, and there isn't exactly a long list of potential sites. Pretty much zero on Portsea Island itself, so anything would have to be outside the city, which I think they'd probably turn their noses up at, and understandably so.
  5. I'm not sure there's an awful lot of sound financial advice being offered (or, more accurately, listened to and acted upon) at Eastleigh, to be fair...
  6. Didn't he join them from Chesterfield in the first place, at great expense?
  7. Luton's secretarial staff blew the whistle on their previous owners having paid a number of agents through bank accounts not belonging to the football club, in direct contravention of FA regulations. Despite having raised the alarm when they first discovered the situation, the club was punished with a 10-point deduction by the FA. This just happened to be at the same time that the Football League imposed a 20-point deduction for failing to exit administration with an accepted CVA, so they were pretty much relegated to the Conference before a ball was even kicked that season. Worth noting th
  8. Nope. They qualified for the competition during the period when the group stage was groups of 5, only playing each team once. I remember they got battered away at Wolfsburg, drew at home with Milan and beat a not-particularly-famous Dutch side (Heerenveen, perhaps?), must have lost their other away game as well as they didn't get through.
  9. Technically, Leicester didn't live within their means, hence going into admin the year they went up with Pompey (their £30m stadium only actually cost them about £4m as a result), and then their current owner went on a big spending spree when he first bought the club - hence the likes of Sven in charge - but soon scaled that back when he realised it was all a stupid idea.
  10. Eastleigh by a country mile. Free entry.
  11. Would imagine half the teams who played last night will be in the same boat, tbf.
  12. Good to see Pompey doing their bit for #BTeamBoycott by getting out of the competition as quickly as possible
  13. I'm sure the authorities will really sit up and take notice when they look at the attendance figure and gate receipts from their home games.
  14. Can you un-IP ban me, please? Read-only purposes...
  15. This is the main reason why I've still not got round to upgrading this - the fear of having to spend a week rolling everything back We've bought a licence for Invision Power Boards, but it's so wildly different that I need to test the conversion script in anger, and then get the skin done properly.
  16. Or perhaps back into the pockets of those who loaned, rather than gifted, money to the club to cover necessary maintenance costs.
  17. REALLY annoying that, as a Sutton United season ticket holder, I'm away for the Pompey game
  18. Their last 4 games: Wycombe home - still going for the playoffs, but have drawn 4 of the last 5 Wimbledon away - another direct rival Hartlepool away - midtable, nothing to play for Northampton home - already champions, still going for 100 points. Not easy by any means...
  19. :lol: Just to compound matters, Wimbledon, Accrington and Plymouth are all winning as well, so as things stand they're 8 points off 3rd, while a goal for Wycombe and a turnaround for Exeter would see them looking over their shoulders as well.
  20. A Barnsley-supporting mate laughed when he heard they'd signed him. "****ing ****" was his assessment
  21. I've never heard Tony Pulis say "b'there" to refer to "over there", tbf
  22. The Wallace transfer would almost certainly come under Wolves' agent expenditure, not Pompey's. Unless a club is actively looking to sell a player, they don't tend to pay an agent when they sell.
  23. Some Fratton Facts: They've won just 5 out of 15 home league games this season, and they've not yet beaten a team currently in the top 14 of the division. They've beaten the bottom 3, Barnet (18th) and Crawley (15th). This is their third season in League Two, and they have won 25 out of 61 of their home league games in that period, losing 17 and drawing 19. They have only beaten one team home or away who were subsequently promoted that season (Rochdale in 2013/14).
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