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  1. Premier League
  2. Premier League
  3. Premier League Live on Sky Sports Premier League
  4. Premier League Live on Sky Sports Premier League
  5. FA Cup Quarter-Final Live on BT Sport
  6. Premier League Live on BBC One
  7. Premier League Live on Sky Sports Premier League
  8. Premier League Live on Sky Sports Premier League
  9. Likewise, simple process to just click one of two buttons in the email.
  10. Likewise. It was great at the start of Project Restart because we'd gone months without watching anything that wasn't the Belarusian Premier League, and in years gone by if there was a game on and I was home, I'd pretty much always watch it, but it's just got really tedious. I don't know whether that's a slight result of our form having tailed off and the drain of enthusiasm that we had in December when we were top at half-time in the Arsenal away game, but I'm definitely finding the games less interesting, even though I don't always have anything better to do.
  11. 3-0 home defeat to Man City in November 1991. Jon Gittens scored an own goal while sat on his arse in the six-yard box.
  12. Emirates FA Cup 5th Round Live on BT Sport
  13. I got a refund of two games this morning, so that'll cover West Ham and Liverpool - I went to the Man City game so obviously nothing due for that one.
  14. Premier League Live on Sky Sports
  15. Premier League Live on BT Sport
  16. Premier League Live on Amazon Prime Video
  17. Premier League Live on BT Sport
  18. Premier League Live on BT Sport
  19. Emirates FA Cup 4th Round Live on BT Sport
  20. Database migration done...
  21. There's an update that needs running, so I'm going to do that now, and then I'm hoping to migrate to a better database. That bit might take a while as the database is huge
  22. My "automatic" (i.e. I've not chased the club, basically through laziness) refund for Man United and Sheffield United arrived this morning.
  23. It depends how the payment is being processed. A refund (or partial refund) to a debit or credit card can take a few days to go through depending on which banks are being used at both ends of the transaction. If they're paying direct into your bank account (e.g. if the card you used to buy your ST isn't in use anymore) then it should go in within 2 hours.
  24. Theoretically, yes. The email sent to everyone who has tickets said that people who were allocated tickets but are now in a Tier 3 area should contact the club for a refund, which rather suggests the club won't necessarily be pro-active on this. No idea how that'll play out, to be honest.
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