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  1. All that table shows is that we've played away at Man United (cap 76k), Arsenal (60k), Man City (55k), Newcastle (55k), Sunderland (48k) and Chelsea (42k). Arsenal haven't played away at Man United, Man City, Newcastle or Sunderland yet, so their average will increase as a result. Not quite sure what the point of that table is, really, it doesn't really prove anything, even at the end of the season. You'd actually expect the clubs with smaller stadia to be nearer the top as they'll have one fewer game at a low-capacity stadium to bring their average down.
  2. Indeed. Currently bottom of the National League South
  3. So it seems as though the attitude continually prevalent at Pompey even extended as far as the stadium announcer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-34676743 Assume he'll be offering to pay 4p in the pound of that fine...
  4. Aldershot and Maidstone haven't dropped far enough overall to be on that list, tbf. Aldershot were 16th in Division Four 30 years ago, they're now 12th in the league below, a drop of only 20 places. Maidstone were 17th in the Conference, they're now 4th in the National League South, a drop of 9 places. Obviously they've reformed, think only Wimbledon possibly should be on that list (5th in the old Division Two 30 years ago, finished 3rd to go up, now 14th in League Two, a drop of 57 places), but that would involve the Football League reminding everyone of the cluster**** they were involved in
  5. 2-0, Saints academy graduate Aaron Davies with the goal
  6. Haven't we said that for each of the last three seasons, resulting them ending up in a relegation battle and sacking club legends in the process?
  7. I didn't watch the new Channel 5 highlights show at the weekend, but apparently on that the highlights were filmed from the main gantry. Health and safety, my arse.
  8. A build-from-scratch stand offers them the opportunity to build the back of the stand over the top of the alleyway behind, so I don't see that being a particular problem - the existing stand is basically the old terrace with seats bolted on, so it's much shallower.
  9. As far as I can tell, the Milton rebuild isn't adding any seats, just a rebuild to add a proper covered concourse underneath the stand.
  10. That projector 1997 called and asked for its screen resolution back.
  11. **** all in the grand scheme of things. Probably around £20-30k.
  12. New Football League insolvency event rules have been agreed at their AGM. Headlines: 12-point deduction instead of the current 10 Administrator obliged to market the club for at least 21 days (to lessen the risk of pre-pack admin), and must engage with the supporters trust if one exists CVA not required, as they take ages to agree and cost a fortune in fees Upon exiting administration, the club is required to pay creditors at least 35p in the pound for three years, or face a further 15-point deduction.
  13. As if Pompey are going to get through two rounds in either competition
  14. No, but that'll be because we never had a CVA to pay off in the first place.
  15. Jed Wallace to Wolves. Done deal. Shame for them
  16. I'm guessing the average house price in Portsmouth is significantly higher than that in Chesterfield, for example. I think his point is that while their wage bill is ****ing massive, they have to pay more because the players would have to pay more to live in the area. While that may be true, is that really the difference between a £1.5m wage bill and a £3.8m one? I'm not convinced. Essentially, Pompey's wage bill is massive because they have made a correlation between paying big wages and getting good players. While that largely rings true in the top flight (put the PL clubs in order of wag
  17. "New manager Paul Cook expects Jed Wallace to leave the club." Not a great start, you'd imagine...
  18. 15 AND 17,000?! Impressive stuff.
  19. Has anyone got a link to that puff piece article Emma Judd did for the Pompey News when Antonov bought the club where she waxed lyrical about their serviced office in London?
  20. I'm sure I remember someone revealing that the only reason Gob****e stayed as their sponsor this season was because it would actually cost them more to remove their advertising from the roof of the Fratton End than it cost them to sponsor the club again
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