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  1. Oh FFS 6.30 on a Sunday evening, what a shit time.
  2. You do realise you're ridiculing the pathway for a player that has travelled it better than most.
  3. NNC enters SW site following 16 hour absence.... oooh 2 pages to catch up on for the semi final.... Oh! FFS sort yourselves out.
  4. RIP Frank. Made the game look very easy.
  5. Why would City be interested in a smoke screen? Smells more agent placed story - link Ings to City, gets the media attention for his client who is out of contract in 15 months time, in a slow football news week
  6. Surely he's too good for that "level"
  7. I think Redmond is not on his own with below par performances but for some reason he’s the one that receives most of the flack. Be nice.
  8. WANTED: New SW Scapegoat Don't choke on the humble pie lads.
  9. You should mention this more often.
  10. Winning the FA cup has no relevance to whether we stay up or not. We are much more likely to stay up than win the FA Cup so we may as well have a right old go at winning the cup. A limp performance tomorrow would be unacceptable.
  11. Let’s never ever ever again think that Jack Stephens can play DM. The game is literally passing him by.
  12. Blocking pathway isn't bollocks when you're talking about the 3rd player for a position. I'd much rather have Alex Janke wishing to prove himself in the squad, knowing there are 2 players ahead of him for the team than spending £10m on Mario Lemina and paying that cock £50K a week for him to play 2 or 3 times a season. There seems to be a misconception about what a pathway is. The pathway doesn't have to ultimately end with the academy player being a first team regular for us. The player could move to another club in the premier league such as Targett or Reed. Or they may end up hav
  13. Jan hasn't been shocking at right back. He defends well enough (better than Valery) just that Jan doesn't offer much going forward and neither has Valery of late. A club our size cannot have a 3rd choice for a position in our squad. 2 DMs should mean 4 in the squad; JWP, Diallo, Romeu, Smallbone, Jankewitz are 5 so unless you want cock Lemina getting in the way of Will and Alex you'd have to say no thanks Mario, jog on. Same goes for Ely, our 4 AMs at the start of the season; Theo, Nathan, Armstrong, Moussa - now added to with Mina and the emerging Tella - adding Ely makes 7 and wo
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