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  1. Highly unlikely given his departure from us but would fit nicely as cover for Armstrong / Redmond.
  2. I'd rather see what Potter is made of in the top league.
  3. Comparing protests where 20 officers were injured to world wars and bombings where thousands lost their lives is pushing it. I also have no issue with people debating issues such as white supremacy in art, unless you think peoples freedom of speech is now in question.
  4. From a national viewpoint, the multiple protests that took place were in the main peaceful. I thought the silent protests were excellent. I would never condone violence but I can understand how some may feel that confrontation is an effective way of showing that enough is enough. I’ve missed the Kellogg’s coco pops thing, was this a statement from BLM?
  5. Fascists 😛 The "diverse" picture of the "British Forces" reminds me of seeing Burnley's first team squad picture from last season.... it wasn't the most diverse squad I've ever seen.
  6. A 2 or 3 year contract extension for Danny would be the best bit of business we could do this summer. Clubs I fear could be sniffing: City - Aguero is on his way out, Danny would fit straight in there. Spurs - if Kane goes. Utd - Danny is an upgrade on Martial
  7. Sweet jeebus! This thread... I barely remember seeing a game these days where someone associated to a club has died and both teams, both sets of fans, match officials, staff, TV... stand for a minutes silence - EVERYONE does it and your diseased brains see that dropping to a knee to respect a world issue for 10 seconds by a worldwide recognised competition, live tv pictures to billions of people, educating some and respecting others, is now a "pressure". FCK ME! You don't know what pressure is.
  8. Shhhhh or everyone will try to stop Ings scoring..
  9. And if Valery had started today.... I wonder who would've been on here questioning whether he's fit enough to start a game.. Tedious.
  10. notnowcato

    Shane Long

    You judged him on one game, in a semi-trolling way, that game where 3/4 of the attacking players were dog dirt. I hate lazy comparisons too but can see the value Long brings to the team.
  11. notnowcato

    Shane Long

    If that’s your argument then you can shift on Armstrong, Djenopo and Boufal. For whatever reason we were diabolical in the final 3rd today.
  12. Hard as nails. Quality defender.
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