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  1. Awful. We had zero intensity or drive. The threadbare squad is starting to wear us down as we have little in the way of personnel changes we can make.
  2. This game has been a regression to the pellegrino days. Clueless in attack.
  3. I hate this. Can’t even celebrate a goal any more. What a stupid moronic rule that is.
  4. Jesus. He put his arm out to stop the ball, if that was Liverpool it’d be given every fucking time .
  5. Good performance, but I don't agree Tella for Ings was a good move. Tella is 21 now and has to start showing something soon, we basically struggled to create good chances or test their keeper all day. Squad is quite thin really, and maybe we should have given Diallo a run for Romeu today after the booking.
  6. Tella is 21. Already at the age that he should be making an impact if he is good enough, i don't think he is.
  7. Redmond has been shocking, we need to move on from him
  8. That was a handball. He controlled it with his elbow. And they shouldn’t change rules mid season it’s not fair for teams who didn’t benefit
  9. And no yellow, fuck off Dean. I Can't stand that bloke.
  10. Djenepo touched the ball, then the Arsenal player just knocked him over without any attempt at playing the ball. I've seen penalties given for a lot, lot less. The fact it wasn't even reviewed is ridiculous. Said it before we are too nice sometimes, if that was Liverpool they would have surrounded the referee screaming at him to review it, we have half hearted appeals and then it's 'Carry on chaps' Disappointed, that game was there for the taking
  11. Can't change a lot as we are so limited so got to hope Ings is back, need to get back to winning ways against an improving Brighton.
  12. Vestergaard was brutal today. We need to find a leader , we’re so weak mentally at times that any man or his dog knew what was going to happen . Second half was abysmal. Walcott invisible , need Ings back asap
  13. Mentality problem. We’ve been lacking leadership on the pitch since Fonte left .
  14. Vestergaard has been awful today. It’s almost Christmas and still no sign of the centre half we signed in the summer with our limited resources
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