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  1. Tella the most overrated player in the history of Saintsweb. He's gash.
  2. Valery isn't good enough and shouldn't be anywhere near our starting XI ( FA Cup or not) .
  3. Deliberate elbows only a yellow card these days and no VAR ? I guess when it’s Liverpool different rules apply.
  4. Yep. No checking the monitor ? Just accept the refs decision in this case? This is the problem with VAR it’s still subjective according to who is manning it , and their agenda
  5. Djenepo and Long coming on. Ralph is going for it.
  6. God, we’re depressing to watch. We have no goals in this team, Redmond , Tella, Smallbone, JWP have no threat going forward .
  7. We still haven't replaced Fonte in a leadership capacity. We are so weak mentally throughout the squad and as soon as the going gets even a little bit tough, we get going and retreat into our shells and wait for the inevitable. The Saints way seems to be to coach our youngsters to be nice, model professionals, like what our captain JWP so perfectly exemplifies, However we desperately need leaders to cajole, encourage, heckle this bunch of wasters into a competent team which can handle leads and get the job done. Literally the entire fanbase knows that we buckle under even the slightest pressur
  8. Oh well it was a fun opening 15 minutes or so. Is anyone else worried that JWP’s form has fallen off a cliff this season ? He’s just not influencing games at all and his patented free kicks aren’t going in either. Sell and reinvest if you ask me.
  9. Good start this. Need a goal while we are on top
  10. I want Ralph out. Second half game management is atrocious.
  11. Captain fucked us up again , sell him in January done with his nonsense
  12. Non-entity again tonight. Doesn't look up to the Premier league yet IMO. Not the goal threat we expected.
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