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  1. Can’t get a game at Lincoln. Unused sub again today. Seriously he was playing minutes for us in the premier league last season. Laughable. Never good enough.
  2. This guy is still a liability, And the concerning thing is the manager can't see it. Forster isn't brilliant either but he is better than McCarthy. And they want to give him a new contract? Just madness.
  3. Shocking defending. The Stephens and Salisu dream ticket , still need a leader back there. Been crying out for one for years .
  4. Enjoying Livramento and Armstrong, they look class.
  5. Bit less gloomy with this signing. Welcome Adam, Let's hope for an immediate impact on Saturday !
  6. So how do we think Saints are going to get on this season. I have to admit I am very worried this season. I think we are potentially worse than last season and we struggled mightily, if we get a couple of injuries then our threadbare squad will be thrown to the wolves. So my prediction, Unless we can add 2 or 3 quality signings before the end of the window and based on the current squad 18th.
  7. Pretty much. Our track record for the majority of our signings isn't good these days. That's if we even spend the money.
  8. Look at the team tonight, it's terrible. Tella, Redmond, Adams? Where are the goals? Stephens still in defence? The way we limped home last season with spineless, pathetic displays, I think we are going to be in a relegation battle all season, I'm not sure they have the guts to survive. Is the 30 million worth going down?
  9. Another long term contract handed out when the player barely deserves it. He’s 22, he’s not going to be a premier league striker so we’re wasting our very limited money once more.
  10. Ridiculous handing him a new contract. It’s like we’ve learned nothing from the last few seasons. He isn’t good enough.
  11. Sorry. I’ll probably get slammed for this opinion , but I don’t think Armstrong is very good , time and time again tonight promising attacks have ended at his feet.
  12. http://p2pstreams.com/england-vs-romania/
  13. McCarthy bottom in expected saves last season. A very poor goalie. I hope he doesn’t get a new contract.
  14. We've been on the beach pretty much since December, and Ralph shows no nous or tactical acumen to be able to change things up.
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