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  1. We've been on the beach pretty much since December, and Ralph shows no nous or tactical acumen to be able to change things up.
  2. We are truly pathetic. The charade of a footballer Redmond should be nowhere near us next season, no doubt though he'll be in the opening fixture and we can expect the same turgid rubbish.
  3. Notice the goalie moved after the ball was struck and then saved it. It's not rocket science.
  4. West brom with their one attack in the 2nd half got the ball forward quickly and scored. We attack at walking pace, and then look to recycle the ball backwards as much as we can. It's not working.
  5. Vestergaard is another one who has been awful since his injury.
  6. Ralph the clock is ticking. This isn't or hasn't been good enough for months. When does our patience run out?
  7. And further to my point about penalties, Forster is 6ft 7, If he waited until the ball is kicked he could still fill 2/3rds of the goal whilst diving the correct way. Is it the Kelvin Davis coaching ?
  8. Why don't we train keepers to wait until the ball is kicked until diving, the number we would have saved by penalties shot straight down the middle would far outweigh the ones we don't save by diving out of the way trying to guess right. Put the pressure on the penalty taker.
  9. That was a good goal The game is going softer by the week.
  10. I liked his game. With no fans in the stadium you could hear him barking out orders repeatedly. He was also dominant coming for crosses and had some good punches to clear the danger. Compare with that Alec Flapcarthy and Forster is the number 1 IMO.
  11. Bertrand is shit. Hope we don’t extend his contract. Knowing Saints we will give him a five year contract .
  12. Newcastle away was my final straw with Redmond. Our pathetic attempts at breaking down 9 men seemed to end with Redmond’s contributions. One player who I hope we can move on as he’s been a big part of the malaise encompassing this team.
  13. Starting to think Ralph has lost the dressing room. This is lifeless again .
  14. Salisu needs to be stronger there.
  15. Think we are wasting money on a new contract for McCarthy. He’s not very good.
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