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  1. DarrenLeTiss


    Just not a very good goalie. Save to shots ratio must be very low. Doesn’t seem to be the right fit for the way Ralph wants to play. Problem is that Forster and Gunn are no better. With the money wasted on Gunn and Forsters extravagant wages surely there was a better option somewhere.
  2. Completely pathetic defending again. Forum darling Stephens way out of position, Romeu with a half assed challenge and then the brentford player unmarked. This team yet again has no backbone.
  3. That sums us up. We are attacking one end, over pass, lose it, Stephens fucks up and we are almost 2 behind.
  4. Another giveaway from Romeu. Terrible today.
  5. With what is left in the window we need to find an upgrade on Romeu . Too slow, sloppy passer. We need better.
  6. It's worse than the old one ever was. It's like a throwback to the old dial up days with the time it takes the pages to load.
  7. Man that was fun to watch, Ramsdale's over exuberant celebrations and then heartbreak as it was chalked off. We're a tidy side these days, with a bit more cutting edge (Redmond) we could push on up the league next season.
  8. Any streams will be greatly appreciated. Didn't want to spend another $20 for the remaining 3 games of the season on DAZN, got twins on the way in four weeks... 😐
  9. Its going to be one of those days isnt it/
  10. And premier league mathematically secured for another season. What a performance.
  11. Time for Long I think, we need an outlet pass.
  12. Is Hojbjerg injured or just out of favour right now?
  13. Yet again we are the architects of our own demise. Very poor, casual . We need a major overhaul but we wont get one.
  14. Our keepers really are poor throughout the club. Probably the worst 1 and 2 in the Premier league.
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