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  1. Yet again we are the architects of our own demise. Very poor, casual . We need a major overhaul but we wont get one.
  2. Our keepers really are poor throughout the club. Probably the worst 1 and 2 in the Premier league.
  3. Crowd noise is gash. Such a delayed reaction to a goal.
  4. We haven't put two passes together yet.
  5. Norwich swarmimg all over us early on
  6. Well I am excited football is back Lets hope we are motivated to finish the season well and put in some good performances for the next 9 games. Think perversely that no fans may help us both home and away, we seem to have a few players who crack under the pressure.
  7. David Luiz is just a liability these days.
  8. Well football is back, and looking very different. It's so weird without fans being there it's going to take some adjustment. Villa v Sheff Utd is 0-0 with nearly 20 minutes played...
  9. What about the Newcastle player grabbing Boufals other arm then?
  10. We need new centrebacks. Cant do the basics.
  11. Just watched the game, as ****ed if I can be arsed to watch Saints at 5.30am local time . I was shocked when I saw Vestergaard starting and the performance that followed confirmed my fears. He is a liability. I’ve never seen someone so tall who is so abject in the air . His decision making is terrible and passing poor. I don’t see a premier league player there at all. If Leicester wanted him, we should have bitten their hands off.
  12. Not that jammy. Gunn is a liability. A fraud.
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