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  1. rallyboy

    Nigel Adkins

    So having come straight up from League One, which is a bastard to get out of first time, even with money, as demonstrated by several clubs recently, anything less than winning the division above at a first attempt was a failure? With all due respect, I think I'll stick with my personal view that back-to-back promotions straight into the Premier League was a fucking good effort - nobody has achieved that since, and it may be a very long time before anyone does it again.
  2. rallyboy

    Nigel Adkins

    I recall seeing emotion and passion at a football match once, it made me physically sick. It was the last game at The Dell, a place where I went with my father as a nipper. The game was drifting away but a Saints legend popped up and scored an incredible winner. Some people ran on the pitch at the end and seemed excited, even emotional you could say, but that was silly, because emotion is a weakness. I didn't even clap, I just stared, all blank and distant. And if we score tomorrow I shall probably boo, in case strangers think I care about the event I've paid to attend
  3. rallyboy

    Nigel Adkins

    He was great for us and we were great for him. It looks like he's been unable to make it happen again, hopefully he'll find some success elsewhere. All the best Nige, keep smiling and make the most of your day.
  4. Rugby referees tend to be good at their job, treat players with respect and equally, whoever they play for, and this allows them to clamp down on dissent. They also explain decisions, and use VAR correctly. Football needs to catch up. If Mike Dean was good at his job he would command respect.
  5. Dean gives very unusual patterns of cards, reds that get overturned, yellows for no reason, while other players get three chances. His management of games is difficult to predict for people who bet on those sorts of things.
  6. Those poor monkey-chanters with their Nazi flags, being forced to attack fans and the police after seeing someone kneeling. England should be thrown out.
  7. Referees were struggling with the task so we gave them excellent technology support. The mistake was asking the same people who were struggling with the task to operate it. Some decisions are difficult and could go either way, others are bloody obvious to everyone - and too many of the latter are still happening on a weekly basis. As for Mike Dean, I hope he's just totally out of his depth. I feel sorry for the gambling sites that take bets on penalties and cards.
  8. So the PM doesn't seem to understand how basic farming works.... How can he not grasp the difference between selling meat and destroying it? Is it really thick or just doing a very good impression so that simpletons feel sorry for him?
  9. I'm not a rabid Ralph Out sort of guy, but questions now have to be asked. The squad looks stronger and we've played well in games and got nothing, which is okay for a couple, but if you're judged to be playing well and still dropping like a stone there is clearly a problem. Yep, your season doesn't get decided by games against Chelsea and Man City, but it fucking does if you lose at home to teams as poor as Wolves. There is an unsavoury hint of Claude about some of our play now, add in the lack of goalscoring threat and trouble is ahead. Simple plan - we must win the next
  10. There should be a mature debate about whether Brexit is working and if the current situation is just short term pain, or if anyone feels this was not what they believed they were voting for. I've seen a couple of Leavers regretting it, but there seems to be a huge majority of them that believe for their own reasons that what we have now has made Great Britain a better place. Others might politely suggest that the facts indicate otherwise and our skies are currently filled with chickens coming home.
  11. A big day for Ralph, if we get a thumping he must be in big trouble. Something has to change - formation, line-up, luck, manager, or all four. But he has been here before after the first 9-0. I'd have been one game from sacking him back then and he turned it around, if he can do it again, it needs to start now.
  12. Who would have thought that building your defence around Vestergaard and Bertrand could lead to problems? Easy mistake to make. Once.
  13. Surely we didn't put that much in the buckets?
  14. Talking of MPs not telling it like it is, people don't want to hear reality, they want to be told about unicorns and sunny uplands. Remember when leadership candidate Rory Stewart told the party that he felt the country needed to be careful about any fallout from the world economy because we were still in difficult times, and that it was no time to reduce taxes? - they fucking hated hearing reality and went for the floppy-balding Joker with his cheerfully mad talk of us being first in line for the easiest trade deals in history and holding all the cards because we lead the world in every
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