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  1. rallyboy


    Serco could handle the payments - just give them another blank chequebook.
  2. The marketing strategy has been pretty transparent for a few weeks now. Monday is announce some vaccine progress day, start the week with some vague positivity. 👍 The other six days are about survival mode - a new corruption or bullying scandal breaks every morning, just ignore the questions and try to make it through to Monday...all wrapped up in a shallow attack on Manchester to suggest that it's their own fault for answering back. In the meantime the taxpayer cash is pouring out of the back door at an unprecedented rate. Anyone want to defend the £22 billion?
  3. Saints Unplugged. Ralph with an acoustic guitar.
  4. Is that the one with Parking Assist? 😊
  5. It will be interesting as the players and more importantly the ref will actually be able to hear individuals offering advice and feedback...
  6. rallyboy


    Shapps and Hancock, when they make up stuff, do they not realise we can see right through it? You'd have to be as thick as mince to believe anything that comes out of their mouths now. This is by far the least talented cabinet in living memory.
  7. Yeah, anyone who has lived on the frontline, 20 mins from SMS, and had to put up with pompey shit for years should now be excluded because of their postcode... Is this process being run by Matt Hancock and Chris Grayling? 😨 😊
  8. Stonehenge, the most overhyped pile of rubble in the south. It's been rebuilt more times than Barry Sheene's pelvis and we're all supposed to dramatically pretend it's been standing there since the dawn of time. Stones moved, rebuilt, rearranged, cemented in - and now we have to spend £2billion on a tunnel....that money could be better spent on friends of the cabinet. Though I presume this gig will be Grayling with a shovel and a wheelbarrow helped by some cousin of Cummings.
  9. Personally I'd class what he said as mildly racist. What scale do you work on? I just judge that hanging people in trees or burning crosses on the lawn is very racist while muttering about foreigners is at the lower end of the scale. Ironically racism isn't black and white like offside or over the line - there are degrees of it.
  10. Had to step down for being totally out of touch with society and thus unfit to do the job. Not especially racist, but his job involves awareness of several subjects. He displayed none.
  11. He's running the same marketing strategy that's for sure....
  12. It's interesting to get beyond the claims and look into the alleged offences that Trump is hanging onto. The major ones about sharpies, dead people, the sudden increase in figures and more people voting than live in states have all been fact-checked, explained and dismissed. None of them appear to have any validity, but he's welcome to take it to court. It'll be brief - and the real losers will be his legal team who probably won't get paid. Losing the election was damaging, but it's his bizarre reaction that has killed any hopes of a return in four years.
  13. Has Boris found reverse gear yet or is he still cosying up to the orange one while pissing off the next President?
  14. What Ralph has achieved is quite incredible. 9-0 to top of the league - now that's a story worth hearing again.
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