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  1. The poor standard of refereeing in the Premier League has been highlighted by the Euros - so far we have seen nothing as mad as the decisions that baffle everyone a couple of times a week in England. I'm sure some ref will make a name for himself before the final (hopefully not one of the Premier League ones) but the general standard so far has been much higher than here, on the pitch and with VAR.
  2. rallyboy

    GB News

    Had a glance last night, it was like some sort of school TV project. Two people were bumbling along over the top of each other via appalling audio on a set fashioned from elements recovered from a fly-tipping incident - they occasionally cut to graphics that didn't work. Any actual content was lost in the mediocrity.
  3. If they are indeed finally attempting to operate in a solvent manner they should be applauded. It's taken approx six bankruptcy events and 130 years for them to consider financial fairplay, but it's progress. 👍
  4. I do hope the ECB panel members who are looking into historic social media are all squeaky clean with no history of ever leaving the house - because while posting racist shit is obviously fucking stupid at whatever age, we now seem to be trawling the archives for literally anything we can take offence at. When they discover that WG Grace loved a brown envelope and was caught up in a dodgy expenses enquiry, that statue's coming down!
  5. rallyboy


    Denying his own data, gurning like a simpleton, making up shit off the cuff, giving contracts to his own family and friends - Matt Hancock isn't just considered by many as an unpleasant liar who reeks of corruption, he's now starting to make Chris Grayling look like a frigging genius. Somebody, anybody, please step forward and do that fucking job properly.
  6. rallyboy


    With the staggering amount of money recently given to friends and relatives of MPs, or just pissed down the drain on mad shit, it's pretty clear there has been funding available all the time for mental health services, libraries, policing, care, prisons, schools etc etc - it just wasn't spent.
  7. rallyboy


    If people pay taxes surely they want the money to go to policing, schools, health, immigration etc? Why would anyone be happy with those areas going unfunded while their tax in huge amounts is given to friends of ministers instead? #bizarre
  8. rallyboy


    With the latest news on Patel and PPE contracts, the sleaze and greed around this pandemic is now so obvious it's insulting the intelligence of every taxpayer. So putting aside all other party political arguments and distractions for a moment and looking at this very simple issue - is there anybody out there who still honestly believes that this cabinet is not steeped in corruption?
  9. Leicester were obviously impressed with his contribution during the 9-0... I believe his best days are long gone but the frustration will be if he suddenly starts looking like an international full back again and it becomes apparent that we were not using him correctly in recent seasons.
  10. 11-10 sounds so much funnier than 9-0.
  11. Today has made life awkward for those who have blindly defended every stunt that Boris and Cummings have pulled in recent years - when couples split it's difficult choosing sides. And with some of these allegations supported by detail already in the public domain, it does appear that one or two of the wheels have fallen off. Is Boris still playing a blinder?
  12. We just haven't given him the support and the service on the pitch that any striker deserves, so from a career point of view it's a no-brainer for him to move. But I hope his heart tells him that we'll get better, things will be alright and his popularity is worth more than playing half a season somewhere else. Sadly, playing half a season might suit his body more. If he goes, I'll understand why.
  13. Toothless. The best bit about getting back in the ground was the fact that it was dry in there.
  14. How did they get on in their play-off first leg tonight?
  15. Fire up the Hero-Villainometer, assemble the revolting peasants, gather a bucket of dog shit - last week's no.1 now qualifies for hate mail! Judas! 😡
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