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  1. Forster/McCarthy Bednarek Vestergard Salisu Redmond JWP Rom Bertrand Armstrong Adams Ings
  2. How many clubs in England (or in the world for that matter) are actually run by consortiums? We always here about groups looking at takeovers, but I cant think of any that have come to fruition. Is this because I know f*ck all, or because it just isnt really a viable method of club ownership? I mean look at Liverpool? They only have 2 co-owners, and they cant even get along.
  3. Quiz master: "It was the mighty Southampton, at the expense of a little known club called 'Pours...Porst...Prostmuth,' somthing like that, who went out of business apparently. Anyone here old enough to remember them???" [silence beckons across the pub]
  4. Effected? Possibly. But not in a bad way. Lots of extra promotion spots up for grabs. I'm sure the fans of the clubs after these places wont be too gutted about it being at the skates' expense.
  5. I want to kill that Indian Arsenal fan on SSN.
  6. No quotes from anybody at all. Not even the often used, ambiguous term, 'Portsmouth sources.'
  7. Saved at the 11th hour. Jammy b*stards.
  8. He'll probably be in the starting line up.
  9. Utaka wins a throw in quite spectacularly. 80k a week well spent.
  10. What a scummy set of c*nting fans they are. To ALL P*mpey fans...I hope you and your club rot in hell. Fascist scum!
  11. Dont administrators have a responsibility to try and ensure the club continues as a going concern?
  12. How could a merger work half way through the season anyway? Two sets of season ticket holders. Will they all fit into one stadium? Obviously they cant fulfill both sets of fixtures, so what happens to the missing games? Are they awarded to the opposition by default? Very unfair to teams who have lost points to either side already this season.
  13. If this is true, I'm glad they denied it first. It just makes it funnier.
  14. Yes. They're also pushing for a Champions League spot.
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