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  1. Hey guys, I do work on a podcast for Southampton and part of the show this week is doing a new years resolution for our club. We start recording at 8:30 so I'm hoping to get as many replies from you as possible and the best ones will get used and you'll be given credit. Creative/Funny ones very welcome. I'll link in the podcast after it's up. Cheers guys for any replies!
  2. Hey guys, speaking of Liverpool I've written an article about them for V2. What do you think? Oh and check out some of my other Saints articles on there, I don't think my bias comes through at all... http://v2journal.com/22/post/2014/12/5-reasons-why-its-all-going-so-wrong-for-liverpool.html
  3. At least Hesketh looked pretty good. A tidy option to bring off the bench. Real deft touch. Hey, we're still in contention and in all the matches barring Man City we've been unlucky to not come away with points from the big sides, and 3 of those 4 were away from home. Just need a little bit more luck and slightly better decision making across the park and we're back to form.
  4. Very unlucky. Good performance from the team, exactly what we needed to see after City. Injuries are a bit of a worry, we seem to be picking up a few now. Hope Alderweireld and Cork's aren't bad. We're still third lads, our demise, like in the summer, has been greatly exaggerated.
  5. Let's not forget Arsenal are having a pretty torrid time as far as injuries are going at the moment. So long as we have one of Cork/Schneiderlin fit for the game then we can dominate the midfield. Do that against Arsenal and they don't have a plan B. We can get something there. Even if we don't and we go and lose to United and all we'll still be fourth come the Burnley game so let's not get downhearted just yet. Oh and does anyone know what's going on with Gardos? Would've assumed he would be in front of Yoshida in the pecking order.
  6. I saw this suggested somewhere else, but they suggested something along the lines of "Rule Southampton!" to the tune of Rule Britannia. Anybody got any lyrics for the second part? Easy to sing, everyone knows it, wouldn't be too hard to get going...
  7. I'll admit the JWP is utter tosh, but I just think Ward-Prowse fits into the song too well to not go somewhere with it... And I encountered the Sadio Mane one being sung down the streets of Aberystwyth by several drunken Saints fans, to which I of course promptly joined in. I wonder if Pele has any we can steal for our Pelle...
  8. As much as well all love our stirring renditions of 'When the Saints Go Marching In' I can't help but feel sometimes our song choices get a little bit repetitive. To that end, let's see if we can't come up with some new songs and get them going round the ground from here. I've got two so far; To the tune of Radio Gaga: "All we want is, Sadio Mane! *clap clap* Sadio Mane! *clap clap* Sadio Mane! *Clap clap* (Repeat) To the tune of The Animals Went in Two by Two: "He came from the academy, Ward-Prowse! Ward-Prowse! He makes all passes he can see, Ward-Prowse! Ward Prowse! His right foot is the best there is, it’s almost as good as Matt Le Tiss And we all love Ward-Prowse, Southampton’s set piece machine!" Any improvements on those welcome, also let's get some more originals!
  9. Fittingly, I've decided that this should be our first song next season;
  10. We have individual threads for these kinds of things but now that the dust has settled a bit I figured I'd try and gauge everyone's opinion on the whole. Adam Lallana has all but gone and we know for how much (£25 million approx.) it's just a matter of its finality now. Luke Shaw went for £27-31 million dependant on add ons. I read an article on V2 which summarised for me the main points, good and bad. I have to say I do agree with it broadly, that we gained a great deal from the sales, but I think it's more of a bad thing then a good thing. Perhaps not in tangible or intangible economic terms, or in specific player quality (dependent on who we sign) but in the solidification of our image once more as a selling club and the fact that a great deal of players will now simply view the club as a stepping stone to higher success. I think, through the law of unintended consequences, we have really broken the most positive thing about this club in years; that we're up and comers, that the skies the limit and we really could be one of the first clubs outside of the traditional set to break for European football in the Premier League era. We've destroyed that image with this. Though I will gladly eat my words if we do go and sign some truly world class players. But anyway, what's everyone else's views on this? Overall good or bad? As I said, for me the sales are good at an individual level, bad as a whole. The article (skip to the bottom for the Southampton section, though the whole thing is pretty interesting): http://v2journal.com/22/post/2014/06/luke-shaw-and-adam-lallana-transfers-winners-andlosers.html
  11. http://v2journal.com/22/post/2014/06/luke-shaw-and-adam-lallana-transfers-winners-andlosers.html Have a read of the Southampton section of that article (skip to the bottom). That sums up most of the major points. Yes, everyone's very disappointed about the player sales and potential player sales, but who the hell knows what's happening next. Lallana could of flopped for us next year and Shaw could never reach his potential. Or the opposite. Or anything. The players we sign or promote could have stormers, or be utterly terrible. They could be Lovrens or Osvaldos. The current state of our club as is? World class manager, strong first team, positive financial position, in the top league of our nation. The state of our clubs is actually very good apart from the debatable competency of our board. However football is football and who knows what will happen with us next season. A lot of pundits thought we'd be fighting relegation again last season, so who really knows.
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