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  1. Charlie Stillitano is the guy who sets up the lucrative preseason tournaments for the big clubs to play friendlies around the globe. He's also behind the idea of bringing La Liga games to America... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49647660
  2. Managed to get behind their paywall by watching a sponsor video. Southampton is negotiating with Sporting to sign Jovane Cabral, Record knows. Negotiations are well underway and the parties involved believe that they can be successful. As far as it was possible to ascertain, at this time the English emblem is making an effort to reach the 20 million euros required by the green and white SAD, and there is still the possibility of placing a percentage of future sales or added value in the final agreement. . These details are being worked on, although the Saints have not yet reached the money - for the transfer of Jovane - considered as minimal by the society chaired by Frederico Varandas. What is certain is that they remain very committed to hiring the 22-year-old striker, who took the leap into the limelight after the resumption of Liga NOS, following the stoppage decreed by the Government due to the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
  3. Neil Lennon has suggested in his post match tonight that players have told him they want to go. Pure guesswork on my part here but I wonder if Ntcham is one of those.
  4. And considering their resources, their recruitment policy last few years is exceptional. The kinds of money spent on players and their returns is something far more impressive than what we've managed over the same period!
  5. Be nice to see the likes of Jason McCarthy and Dom Gape back at SMS too. Yes he has, and is a really nice bloke too which makes it all the better.
  6. Was just typing that when the reply came through 😂 Be interesting to see whether they provide live updates or keep it to just a report like they did with the Bristol City game pre-restart.
  7. Might also help keep the number of players Ralph has to work with down. Instead of the likes of say Sims and Hesketh coming back and adding to a 26, 27 man training session, they can be assessed in the B-team and keep Ralph working with the players he really wants to work with. Considering our relative recent success in bringing in over 16s (Stephens, Obafemi, Valery etc) as to bringing players all the way through from eight years old say, would imagine this kind of set-up will assist that. Allows them to be monitored by Ralph and getting adjusted to what he would want without adding to the numbers again.
  8. Way that reads makes it sound like it's come from the Spurs end, which probably means they're stating the lowest possible price for PEH and the full fat deal for KWP if all add-ons are achieved. Would expect anything reported from the Saints end will be exactly vice versa (full fat for PEH, lowest price for KWP), so that deal will most likely be far better than that is made out to be.
  9. Presumably one that has been recommended from here. https://www.southernmarquees.co.uk/
  10. Yes he was. Sounded quite promising from what I listened to; said they monitor all their players out on loan, and complimented his energy off the ball as well as what he does on it. From memory he mentioned they'll assess his future when he returns. Personally think in a market where money is tight, he's really worth a chance.
  11. Was asked- said he didn't want to comment on any particular rumours but confirmed we are looking at centre backs. Said we're busy in the background (scouts etc) but he's focussed on the games more at the moment. All usual stuff really.
  12. Wonder whatever happened to this non-league striker... https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/7468479/town-reject-vardy-bids
  13. GGalpin

    20/21 Kit

    Luke 1977. They usually do menswear stuff but the owner is a big Villa fan. As Colinjb said they did a really good job of it; both the home and away kits looked very nice and obviously given who they were made by were bespoke too. The third shirt wasn't great IMO but far nicer than some of the shirts we've had in recent years.
  14. There will definitely be a transfer window this year, otherwise you'll have situations where a team in League Two for example have the majority of their squad out of contract at the end of this season (when it finishes) and would not be able to replace them. Not a chance there's no window when this finishes.
  15. Only one who will be staying IMO is Long. Cedric and Yoshida are also up but given they're out on loan presumably means they're leaving.
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