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Thread: Saints Shirts For Sale

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    Default Saints Shirts For Sale

    As it says, use this thread for any shirts you have to sell. Please observe the forum rules

    Once have sold please edit your post (or ask mods to).

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    I have loads of shirts from the 90s that I no longer want and would sale. I don't know how much these things sale for or even if they do so make me an offer if you'd like them.

    They are all in various sizes from small man to large man but I can let you know exact sizes for interested. Shirts I have are as follows. And I have more

    Saints 99/01 Navy Away - large
    Saints 99/01 - Home
    Saints 97/98 - White Away - Medium
    Saints 00/01 - Yellow Away - large
    Saints 95/97 - Yellow Blue stripes away - small

    I think there are a few more but as I left them at my parents I need to check and I'll add them.

    Also have the blue flame ZDS cup final shirt and shorts. I think that's a medium boys though

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    Flybe Yellow Shirt

    1987-89 Home Shirt

    Happy to do a direct deal or bid on eBay.

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    I have about 600 so anyone who wants anything give me a shout��

    Twitter , insta and Facebook @saintsshirts

    Not up to date but site is

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    Have a new tagged yellow xl shirt as worn v Newcastle last season if anyone wants one . 100 first come first served

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    Got the 2014/15 Veho home shirt for sale (size S).

    Basically new.

    On eBay:

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    I am selling off my collection of saints shirts. 8 shirts in total. Absolute bargain. Have a look at the listing here:


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