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Le Tiss

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I have no recollection of it whatsoever. I would have been there though.


I'm sure I saw him play for us in a pre-season friendly that summer - Nick Holmes' testimonial against (I think) Benfica. Wouldn't count as his debut though, as it wasn't a competitive match. I remember seeing this rather gawky-looking kid lining up to play for us, then being totally blown away when I saw what he could do with the ball at his feet.


Does anybody else remember this, or did I dream the whole thing?

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About where we are now probably.




If not for Le Tissier we would have gone down years before we did while we were still in the Dell. We would have struggled even more in this league than we have done so far and probably be in financial **** in League 2 by now - without any academy kids to fall back on because there wouldn't be an academy.


All IMHO of course

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