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  1. Pompey have received the best punishment. The PST taking over. It won't work. The fact they think it will makes it even funnier.
  2. So the loan will be paid back in August with the parachute money. If I was a taxpayer in that godforsaken ****hole, I would be asking why, in times like these, would the council give £1.5m towards a cause that has no future. Apologies if it's already been mentioned, what happens if they go bust before August? Would the loan still be paid?
  3. Was a pretty **** dive for their penalty. Almost laughable.
  4. Court hearing adjourned until 14th Feb. How apt
  5. TheRealSulaiman: @mrhanks its an investment to clear out all the debts An investment to clear the debt. Not one to fund the club then?
  6. Barnard just put it over from about 5 yards. Shocker.
  7. We can't afford anyone else - So can we borrow more money for 3 new players pleaseeeee?
  8. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Nothing more then what is deserved.
  9. Just looking at their first team profile on their OS is laughable. They have: Goalkeepers: NONE Defenders: Aaron Mokoena (Will be gone by the end of the week) Greg Halford Tal Ben-Haim (30k a week) Adam Webster (Will surely get a starting place) Midfielders: Liam Lawrence (Won't stay) David Norris (On verge of moving to Leeds) Attackers: Kanu (Hasn't returned and probably won't) Dave Kitson Ashley Harris Luke Varney (On verge of moving) Erik Huseklepp That's it. Even with free transfers, I think they'd struggle in league two.
  10. A win for Millwall tonight would be excellent. 9 points adrift with 12 to play for. Dream on.
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