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Hants won't be facing Akhtar after all

Guest Dark Sotonic Mills

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But they expect it to be sorted by Saturday. He came in on a long term visitor visa instead of a work one.


Just a piece of paper work. Surrey are really desperate to stoop so low as to sign him imo.


Anyway Matt Nicholson will have to make way as the present overseas player and he scored 40 not out and 73 down at the rose bowl this season although he did not take any wickets.


Shoab will be finding his way at first and we play them on Tuesday

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Would be interesting to know if he was anywhere near full pace. Got rid of Carberry but decent start by Hants. Surrey really need to win this one whereas Hants would be happy with a draw where they could pick up some handy bonus points. Given the forecasts for the weather, I'd put as many runs on the board as we can. Can't see that our relegation rivals elsewhere will get 3 or 4 day's play either, unless there is a really seaming Durham-style pitch somewhere.

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