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Im prob being a tard but....


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Got a fairly old laptop in from a mate cos it want working, O.S needs a reload, but it wont boot from CD, nor from a USB CD Drive. Whats my options?


Was thinking put the HDD into another machine, load XP and that will be that, but its IDE and all the laptops at my disposal are SATA.


I currently cannot see the wood for the trees though.




A tired and over-worked s_s



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Guest Dark Sotonic Mills
steve, why wont it boot from cd? is it that old that the bios doesnt alow it?


I can't think of there being a bios that old in a laptop. I've had problems with loading from a CD before and ending up having to make 1,2 and 3 load from CD and disable load OS from alternative sources. Then when OS is successfully copied to the HDD, change the BIOS on the first restart or the cycle starts again!

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