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  1. Me thinks there is a word beginning with C missing between "massive" and "and". Actually several possible C words but the one I am thinking of rhymes with "Bleats"
  2. Pompey takeover saga sir? No its not dead, its just resting...
  3. He is a busy boy isn't he? Just about everything mention was being investigated and considered and stuff.
  4. So with all these charges who has first dibs? First to register or do they have to sort it out Harry Hill fashion.. "There's only one way to find out...." ?
  5. If having a share gives you a 20 quid discount does that mean they have to pay those with lifetime season tickets 20 quid?
  6. I could be wrong. I thought the council loan was till the next set of PP's so I assume that counts as short term?
  7. The council loan is to be repaid within 6 months when the next PP arrives. I believe the time scale on the loan from the property developer may be significantly longer.
  8. http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/pompey-boss-supports-tower-turning-white-and-blue-1-5036841 Odd how they miss the red bit out of the main headline. If the light show is just for pompey why is there red in there unless they are just borrowing lights from some other purpose?
  9. Just a bit of mishearing from the reporter. What he actually said was This is the lardest 20,000-seater stadium in the country
  10. Edited (several times!) to reduce the weaselroom.
  11. I wonder how they would respond to a written list of questions like those Micah Hall submitted to Portpin?
  12. The chances of any difficult questions being asked or any non-positive information being released? Close to zero.
  13. Can't help but think a sick bucket is going to be more useful...
  14. As I said the legal situation is a bit murky. I think its fairly clear that the 'owned by the fans now honest' front has helped significantly as the league appear worried about appearing to be nasty to the poor 'owners'.
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