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Cup final songs

Master Bates

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Endless songs about Portsmouth ? Boooooooooooo.


OWTS, We love Southampton, Come on you reds, We are Southampton Pride of the South, Ello Ello We are Southampton boys, We all follow Southampton, All Southampton FC.

Just off the top of my head.

And then player chants as well. I'd like the "Walking in a Liebherr wonderland" chant to be sung more as well but some people don't seem to understand who he is when people get it started.

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Thats one of my old secondary school teachers singing that!! Just google something like "convert youtube to mp3" and a few websites should come up that would help you do it.



That's a good one, but only works once a day.



That one does about 5 at a time.


Failing that, install realplayer, download the video and then convert the video to a mp3 file using file converter software, of which there is loads on the net.

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Most probably already been posted, I did search but couldn't find it.



The Flying Alexanders - Paint the Town.


I can't stop playing this. Great band - great song.


If you're down St Marys way

Evening game or Saturday

You'll find us all

Doing the Lambert walk - Oi!


A quality lyric :-)


They ain't jumped on some Saints bandwagon either. If you get a chance talk to the singer about Saints. He knows his stuff.

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